“Yin and Yang Stream 陰と陽の小川” Photography 写真

2개월 전


“Yin and Yang Stream”

I took a picture of a Yin and Yang looking stream today. Literally, it looked like a half black and half white Yin and Yang shape.
Today is a beautiful sunny day but the air is very cold so I could see this kind of natural frozen phenomenon in nature. Winter is sometimes difficult but when I see something nice and interesting, I feel winter is not bad and it can stay a little bit longer for us but not forever.



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Thank you so much!


Thank you!

I love the colour contrast in winter. The white snow and dark colours make for interesting images.


Thank you for your message! I like the contrast in winter too. Today, when I went to the same spot, it’ was all covered by with snow. No more black part. Nature is always changing!