Skies On Fire

2년 전


Looking out of my window today, it is a little hard to believe how fast the landscape changed. It has been snowing all afternoon today, my yard looks like it's been covered by a white fluffy blanket. Even my cats are no longer tempted to step outside and be weird.

I could probably try a bit harder and perhaps take a better picture, than this, but it was chilly outside and I didn't have my shoes on. Wish I had a better vantage point, too.

I still find it very pretty, nature is awesome, being alive rules.

The image was taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a Canon EF 24-105mm - F/4 lens.

artwork by @kookyan

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meet here again 😀


beautiful skies on fire friend,amazing photography,nice shot @kotturinn


thank your welcome my friend.

Nature is awesome! You captured it beautifully.

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Nice color in that shot


I thought so too, looks like it's on fire :D

Nice picture Ann the sunsets have been really colorful lately.


Thanks, Joey! Yup, they have been indeed, nice start to a winter!

In love with Nature


As we all should be :)


@kotturinn 😉

Thanks soooo much

тоже снег? во осень!
у нас ж%па здесь, такие ветра задули, +2, снег пытался идти, дожди льют и дуууееееет адово. Ноябрьнуло адово!
Где крымская осень с +15?))

Красивое небо!