Golden Hour At Nautøya, Norway | Testing Phantom Pro 4

4년 전

Another beautiful sunset..

Hello Steemit friends! How are you?


This week has been very good. My boyfriend bought himself a Phantom Pro 4, and we have been out testing it. Well, he's been testing it, I've just been doing my normal photography. We drove out to an island called Nautøya while the sun was starting to go down. This place is so beautiful at that time of the day.


And of course he wasn't the only one taking advantage of this amazing sunset. I brought my Sony a6000 with a wide angle lens and shot a lot of photos while he was filming.


I'll never get tired of this place. It's the perfect spot for sunset photography, during pretty much every season. It's an easy location to use if you need beautiful natural light in your shots. I've been here so many times, and I have so many different sunset photos from this place.


The landscape in this place is very special. I love how the water doesn't stop until it hits the grass. The shape is so weird and interesting. Not something I see very often.


When I was a kid, my brother made me believe that mountain was a volcano waiting to erupt. And as a kid, I totally believed it..


We had a lot of fun testing the Phantom Pro 4, and here's a little clip my boyfriend put together.

I hope you liked it. And as always, all feedback is very much appreciated!

Have an awesome weekend Steemains!


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Supers nice photos @Kristinbr
Do you use filters like Lee or something in the first picture to get the clouds to look like they are in motion?


Thank you so much, @gyldenhorn, I really appreciate it! I use an app on my camera to get that nice reflection of the bridge in the water, which also makes the clouds look very dramatic and in motion.

Stunning photography @kristinbr. It really makes me want to visit the area.

How lovely to have all that natural beauty to enjoy and photograph, on your doorstep. 😊


Thank you so much, @gillianpearce! Yes, that is true. I love that I have this close by.

great blog :) amazing photo...i like it


Thank you so much, @n00ne! :)

the only thing i can say is wow...... @kristinbr


Oh, thank you! I really appreciate it, @shah.sameem! :)

My passion is photography, and @kristinbr your first pics is a very nice picture!


Photography is my passion as well! Thank you so much, @kemtraveler, I really appreciate it! :)

Just woowwww.....great pics


Thank you so much, @fredfaustin! I really appreciate it :)

woowwww, it's beautiful :)


Thank you so much, @creslyn! :)


waouh beautiful :)


Thank you, @orchidee! :)

Loved this post <3
And the drone footage at the end is so cool!


Thank you so much, @thetravelingyogi! I really appreciate it :)

WoW!! super click


Thank you so much, @miltu! :)

Your images are beautiful! Do you sell prints?


Thank you so much, @whattheduck! I really appreciate it. It's a work in progress, but I am planning on selling some of my prints :)


Are you on Deviant art? It's a great platform to get you started on selling without having to invest in materials and shipment expenses. They arrange everything for you.

These are some great pictures, you've got some talent. Me and my brothers clubbed together and brought a Phantom 3 Advanced Drone from DJI last summer, they are super easy to fly and you can get some great footage. Being able to see nature from a different angle, makes you appreciate it that bit more!


Thank you so much, @environ-mental, I really appreciate it! :) Have you posted any clips of your footage? Let me know! Yes, that is so true. I loved watching the clips when we got back. We got some really nice footage.