Magic hour at Lake Tahoe, NV

3년 전

I just love the beach and the water. We had nice long day swimming around and playing volleyball, but when magic hour rolled around we decided to try and have some fun with it. Photos were taken on a Fujifilm X30




This little guy also came out to get in the action.



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These are awesome, resteemed!


Thank you for the resteemed! I appreciate that.

Nice photos @lanmo Keep up with good work!
Check me out @klemensubic

Nice shots, Lanmo! You should ask the bird to jump as well :) I am fond of photography and sunsets as well :) Upvoted you and followed, cheers!


Thank you for the vote and comment. I was hoping to get one of them taking off, but they were more interested in finding food on the beach. You've got a great collection building on your page.


Thank you, mate! Next time try to throw something while they are passing by, I guarantee the gonna take off :)

Very nice!

Up-voted :-)