Public Domain Dedication

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I decided to dedicate all the photos I published earlier on Steem under the Creative Commons Attribution license to the public domain using the CC0 public domain dedication, so they can be used freely without any requirements.

I believe that the Internet is about sharing, and I see Steem as playing an important role in providing the content creators a mechanism to earn money that does not rely on copying restrictions and DRM. Of course, I am not at all a professional photographer, and I am not hoping to earn much anything with it myself, but maybe I can motivate others.

Here is the gallery of the photos I posted on Steem so far, plus a few extras (created using a very neat static photo gallery generator, fgallery, and published on IPFS).

CC0 To the extent possible under law, letc has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the photos in the gallery linked above at

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I know this post is 2+ years old now, but I think this is truly important for many people to understand. Your reasons for dedicating your photos to the public domain are the exact same as mine. Thank for you describing it in such a succinct way!

You do realize that people doing this devalue photography and makes much harder for photographers to actually make a living selling their photos. Many people don't buy when there are free alternatives.

So it like the a guy taking a food truck where restaurants are and then saying FREE FOOD. If he does that every night the restaurants will suffer, lose business and maybe go out of business if his food is really good.

Giving away, pirating, anything that devalues others work or entire market segments is not good, until rent, food and gas are free also for the content creators. Free Porn has almost kill that industry. certain info market niches are hurting due to a glut of Free content. Now the same is starting to happen with photography and even photography as a service as many amateurs now shoot for free all of the time. Hobbyists and Retired Pros are killing the industry and making harder fro new photographers to actually earn a living. There is a retired pro where I live that shoot 200-300 free shoot a year and even let's the magazines use it fro free. This takes a massive amount of money out of the local market and get's Magazine publishers in a state of mind that they no longer have to pay.

  ·  3년 전

Digital copies of content are virtually free to produce (unlike food). The actual work of creating new and unique content is what needs to be rewarded. Restrictions on creating and using copies are unnatural and even damaging to the culture as they deter sharing and relatively devalue truly original creations by putting artificial value in copies of demanded commonplace works. Most photographers basically recreate images that have been made a million times before by others, is there really much value in doing that? When a magazine needs a specific and unique photo rather than a generic stock image, they will still have to pay a photographer to produce it.