📷 Flower Power In The Park- From Far To Close / Bokeh 📷

2년 전

Hello dear Steemians

Summertime In Germany

Here I show you beautiful photos"From Far To Close / Bokeh " from my latest park tour. 

Panasonic DMC-LX 100 without editing

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How beautiful the flowers are!!! Nice photography.

Blütenreine Bilder!
Habe mich mit "Volldampf" zu mir rübergenommen! ;-)


Dickes Danke mein Lieber :-)

sehr schön!
am meisten gefällt mir das erste Bild bei dem der Himmel verschwommen zu sehen ist.
Danke für die Veröffentlichung!!!

Ja, der Sommer hat wirklich schönes zu bieten🤗

Sehr schöne weiße Blüten! Tolle Nahaufnahmen!

Sehr hübsch 😊

Bunga yang sangat indah bak mandi dulu waktu masih kecil ini adalah perahu kertas di cot yang sangat indah dan manusia disiksa oleh seorang santriwati yang sangat indah dan menarik setiap saat musim hujan seperti sekarang

very beautiful flowers, I am very interested in the various flowers and colors.

Nature is really beautiful.... flower is the best gift of nature.....

very beautiful flowers that bloom in the summer.

The white flowers are my favorite, they look so pure and beautiful. The great thing in this case is that they are so grouped together.

That's mind blowing white flower.. you have a great collection always, the flowers petal looks like a butterfly Wings have you observed this..

White flowers for the best flowers and very interested in your post but very beautiful photography. i really liked it

The flowers of Germany look quite pretty with the white green and yellow splendor thanks for sharing

unbelivable photography.The flowers is so nice.

amazing photography...the hill looking so beautiful.....i waiting for your next post..

Wow! Nice photo. You are a great photographer.

Lovely white flower and good photography.