Today I went to the Journey to the Cave (the location of the four famous Journey to the West)


Today, we went to the famous tourist attraction Xiyou Cave in the four famous Chinese novels Journey to the West.
It’s about an hour’s journey from downtown Kunming, not very far
It needs to climb a small seat. This photo is just a small part inside. I don't really like to shoot this kind of colorful things, so there is less content inside.
This is the four masters, Tang Yan, Sun Wukong, Pig Bajie, Sha Wujing,
This is a very large peach, I took it with me.
This is a mountain trail, very personal.Then, the place to stay at the rest of the mountainside
Hahaha, it’s not cute, there is no feeling of a small fresh girl.EH0A2259.jpg
I will take a photo with the pig, because he is a full-fledged food, I also want to be a carefree foodie.
I feel this is a bit scary, the feeling of redness is like the blood scattered on it, even a little scaryEH0A2305.jpg
Is there a beautiful waterfall behind?But this should be an artificial waterfall, not naturally formed.
Then the top of the mountain is such a glass bridge. If you look down, you will be weak, and you will not be able to step up. When you walk to the middle, the bridge will still have a slight sway. At that time, the scenic spot is about to get off work. Only us two

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