Discovering Unseen Beauty In Historical Places | Kalemegdan Photography Adventure

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Belgrade is a city full of rich history and The Belgrade Fortress, called Kalemegdan is probably the most concentrated visual signs of that history. Kalemegdan sits up on a hill overlooking the confluence of the River Sava and Danube and it’s views are breathtaking. For centuries the city’s population sat within those walls and therefore most of Belgrade’s ancient history also occurred within them.

While spending a week in the city recently, I tried to absorb as much of this history and culture as humanly possible.. and was drawn to Kalemegdan daily. There is just something about this place that makes me not want to leave.. and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I took many photos while there, and had many beautiful moments.. but the one shot that stands out as being special or my favorite is this one, of the Mehmed Sokolović Paša‘s Fountain.


I’m not entirely sure why it’s my favorite.. in fact, I almost missed the fountain entirely. You see the fountain sits off in the corner next to the Defterdar’s Gate... and that gate or tunnel is what I had my eye set on.

Actually, I didn’t even notice the fountain as I passed it on my way to the tunnel.. but fate stepped in and made me turn back for one reason or another. Because of this, I happened to spot this hidden gem over in the corner.. and snapped the photo above quickly while making my way back up the stairs.

When I got back to my apartment that evening and was looking through the shots of that day.. this one stood out to me.. and I was drawn to the beauty instantly.

Maybe it’s the way the limestone is such a visual contrast to the stone that makes up the rest of the fortress.. or the elegant brass pieces that almost feel out of place.. but somehow right where they should be.. or just all the details.. the small intricate details that could so easily be missed if you don’t take the time to see them.


So, the next day I made my way back.. determined to learn more about this hidden beauty. I stumbled upon a small sign telling of its restoration and after further research I discovered a bit more about it.

The drinking fountain was constructed in 1576/77 in the Ottoman Era and is inscribed with the words; “Come forth bey, if you wish to drink from a heavenly wealth”. It served as a source of water for the city as well as a monument to Mehmed Sokolović Paša himself, and is the last one in known existence.

But the most interesting thing I found out? It was completely hidden, buried and lost in time until 1938. After that, slowly but surely this fountain was rediscovered in all its stunning glory. Not making its full appearance until just last year when restoration was completed.


I found that to be quite poetic.. a true hidden beauty that is still to this day overlooked on a daily basis.. and I just so happened to stumble across it completely by accident.

I know, maybe I’m being too poetic.. too deep, but I felt I was destined to find it, discover it for myself. To show its true beauty and remind us all to take the time to notice the details.. the hidden, the buried and the forgotten. Those things we could spend our whole lives missing and not even know it.

I try to do a daily practice of seeking out these hidden beauties.. whether it’s found in an architectural gem, a small detail, simple moment or something special I see in a fellow human being. Taking the time to not only find, but appreciate these things is a wonderful way to bring things into perspective.

I think it’s important to notice the small things, and never forget how stunningly beautiful this life we live truly is.


And because I think music and photography go perfectly together, here is the song I was listening to while taking the photos above;

Alcest - Autre Temps

I hope you take the time to notice the hidden beauty around you.

Much Love,


All photos are my own and taken with my Fuji X-t2

Reference Source

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Ah LL, this post speaks to me so much! I know exactly what you mean when you describe the feeling that draws you to this place... there is something about places like that , especially in Europe, where you find yourself appreciating how time ages things, the solitude and the peace of things and places that carry a lot of history. Its also the soft overcast of the clouds that makes you feel intimate with the place... it's definitely a beautiful yet melancholic moment... and i'm glad you were able to capture it so that you can always recall being there...

Before I read that it was built by the Ottomans, I actually recalled a fountain I photographed in turkey... there were a lot of moments like the one you described... especially around water ruins.

Were you able to drink the water from it?


Oh yes, you are so right there.. so many things seem to pull me to places like this.. the atmosphere, the time that once was.. even the clouds as you say probably play their part in that.

Oh I bet they are very similar, the ottomans were part of the Turkish empire so I bet the styles you are remembering are very similar!

I didn’t drink from this one.. honestly I was afraid to break it lol. It was very cold that day and he began to snow later on. I’m actually not even sure if it in fact is functioning or not. Next time I’ll have to give it a try though. Thank you for the lovely comment!



Yes definitely a lot of similarities in the style... but not as intimate as the one you photographed...
My secret/sacred spot was an abandoned house with a large platform and torn sofas on the coast, that my friend and I found totally by chance...


You really have tapped into the beauty of this place.


Awe thank you ☺️

There was a lot of beauty to be captured there.. just glad I got the opportunity to see some of it.

Lovely photos and lovely story. Regards from Belgrade.


Hey thank you so much, I appreciate that!

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Thanks guys ☺️

For a little historical perspective, this was built almost 500 years ago, in one of the peaks of the Ottoman Empire (they have a couple of peaks), it was probably lost during the mongolian raids, where they were forced to strength their military to resist said raids and therefore neglet this type of buildings.

This was only discovered before WWI when the Ottoman empire fell (yeah the Ottoman Empire was a thing less than a hundred years ago) and it fell because the negotiations, the only military force that could match them was... wait for it... THE MONGOLS!


Nicely done on that gif! yeah I discovered quite a bit when I went searching for answers. It’s really interesting (and heartbreaking) how many times this location has switched hands and seeing how those in control at a certain time left their mark. The fountain has quite the story, I’m just glad I got to witness the place at least once.


That's the whole point of travelling from my humble perspective, to watch history eye to eye and ask it... WHY YOU SO WEIRD!?!

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I like the story how you didn't actually noticed that and then it caught your attention on the photo and it made you go back and learn more about it :) This is the beauty of little things that make our life richer.

I've been to Kalemegdan a few years ago and I loved it. We booked a tour with a very funny guy. The tour ended in a bar nearby as he was very curious about people from different countries :)

It looks like you had a great time in Belgrade too :)

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! So much appreciated your post. How often we are not aware of such details for which poems or stories are made.