Benefits of Chillies

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Chillies is a well-known spice vegetable of Bangladesh. Pepper is much less in our country. This glassware has an unnatural health system. We usually use chopped sals to increase the taste of food. If you do not consume it, then it does not taste any of the curd or food. A large quantity of antioxidant is available in the source of sour, which helps in the prevention of our cancer. Many people want raw chillies to consume a lot of Vitamin C That vitamin is particularly beneficial for our eyes and our skin. If the objection one day consumes regular chillies, then blood can be transmitted through our vein in normal process if we do not let our blood clot. However, this chillies should be preserved only because the raw rice is kept in the outer or open sky, its nutrient quality is damaged. Many of us now have diabetes if we eat regular chillies, then this diabetes can be kept under control. There is also a lot of iron in the chillies, so if we eat regular raw sesame we will lack iron. Different types of chillies are available in Bangladesh. It is very good to grow in our country which brings food which is extremely delicious. The Agricultural Research Institute has been trying to innovate new varieties of chillies. So the importance of chillies is immense.

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