All Is Quiet In The Harbor.

2년 전

Went to my local harbor and spent some time seeing the boats that were on Lake Michigan.. or so I thought.

Turns out that boating season was already over as the fall months were around the corner.

Still, it made for a very interesting photo and I liked how these simple boats were left on the pier of the harbor.

I hope you like it!


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nice click

Beautiful click buddy

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awesome concept sir..i like this..thanks for share your inportant concept..

Really good lighting and colouring on the picture! Im intrigued, is this "straight from the camera" natural or did you use lightroom?? Because i'm considering travel photography as my hobby, it pays to have a lot of insight

What a beautiful sunset, I hope I can have it on my wallpaper

You have excellent photography skills!
Thank you for sharing such an amazing picture with the community....