Behind the Scenes.

2년 전

A closer behind the looks scene at how I take some of the photographs that I do.

This was a shot of a friends camera on a tripod showcasing how we take long exposure wide angle photography.

This type of photography makes the world light up as it brings more light into the sensor of the camera.

It makes for beautiful photos in my opinion.

I think it’s a graceful photograph and I hope you’ll all enjoy!!F6F96236-24AF-4551-999D-FB27C3F5F9AA.jpeg

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I love this idea! A behind the scenes photo of a photo :) The blurred city scape in the background is beautiful!


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@lpreap, yeah that's a nice shot of the camera. It literally depicts the way you have been taking all these beautiful shots you have previously shared. And again, yeah, the camera looks graceful on its stand facing the city, just right there. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful post.

This is awesome photo.Actually these camera good photos but rhey are really costly. What is opinion about it? Which is best available today in your view? @lpreap

Thats a nice camera and nice view as well :)

Nice Click.. looking very beautiful..
I am new in here so please help me . i am also like photography.

Omg! What a cool photo

Really cool pixs

Really cool pixs