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A photo of the Baha’i temple of worship shot with a 24mm lens.

This image was taken at night so that I could take a longer exposure since I did not have an ND filter.

The white building shining across the lake makes for a nice and relaxing image.

The night scene is beautiful and I’m glad that I was able to visit and take a photo like this.

Is there anything that you guys would like to share with me regarding your photography?

I hope you’ll enjoy my work!


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Nice photography

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Stunning ... pretty clear picture in the night, you are a pro, bro.

FANTASTIC @lpreap ,the beauty of night completely captured .Very nice bro.No words to say.

WOW, what a great shot. The lights on the spots are so perfect. LOVE IT!

Good long exposure picture, well done.

  ·  2년 전

I think the longer exposure worked perfectly here! Love the glow of the building

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