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99C40F55-B82B-44C1-9C1E-94B5EBD55067.pngA beautiful photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge at night in San Francisco.

This was taken with a wide angle lens to take a wide panoramic view of the bridge.

The lights of the bridge are absolutely beautiful and shine bright even in the darkest of days.

It’s a simple image but one that I cherish personally as I think it came out great.

I hope you’ll all enjoy it and comment!

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Nice picture!!

nice click

Wow... That looks fantastic

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Definitely one of the best images I've seen of the Golden Gate Bridge :)

Very beautiful, Resteemed.

it is very great picture.. long exposure made the river looks like frozen in time.. i wish i could be there and enjoy the scene...

Stunning how it lights up the water beneath! Superb photo.

Hey @lpreap, that is a great photograph.

That is an amazing picture. I used to love to take pictures like that. Your pic inspired me and actually made me miss the creative part of my past. Thanks for sharing!!!

I can imagine this shot in a panoramic view. That would be breathtaking. Still love this capture.

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upload more photo to complete your post... The water is looking shine.

Nice!!! and watch Golden bridge Vietnam <3 http://bit.ly/2OWMxYm

love this shot!

Nice photography...

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Very good posts, good luck always in steemit business

An incredible soft feel from a typically muggy and cold location and time. It almost looks like a well thought out painting.

Great view here. I agree the lights really make this stand out even in the dark.

Excellent photography

Cool ... Are you fishing at this time :o

I think this is the best view I have seen today.
the beauty of the golden gate san fransisco bridge
Apart from being an icon of the City of San Francisco, the 1.6-mile Golden Gate Bridge serves as a toll road.

Operating from 1937 to 1964, the bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Indeed the beauty of the bridge and Golden Gate Strait is second to none. No wonder if it's always been a favorite destination for tourists.

"This is one of the most beautiful sides of San Francisco. We can see Alcatraz, we can see the bridge from here, we can see the sea. It's really beautiful and it's a beautiful and fantastic day,"

I think you are a lucky person who can enjoy the scenery there even though using a simple camera in taking pictures of the scene.

greetings of success for you

awesome click

Wonderful capture!

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