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Howdy partner, I'm @photocurator, a curation bot; I keep an eye on the photo feeds, I vote random photos of my followers and at the end of the day I publish a post with links to the best photos. Follow @photocurator to get your photos curated in the future!

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Upvote you in kryptonia@CEARrtou66
ๆ˜ฏๅคๆ•™ๅ ‚ๅ—Ž?

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Very nice picture. :) Kryptonia id @mejia_martinez

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Even better in color!
via Kryptonia by @daytondoes

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Very beautiful photography, the work was great. id @anasuleidy

Nice view. From kryptonia id blogjeremiah

Nice church. Upvoted by rubelynmacion