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A day like today I dedicate to call my closest friends and I invite you to climb Al Ávila walking, I immediately confirm all my companions that we would meet at a point indicated

After meeting at the agreed point we decided to talk about who would agree to reach the point of the great climb that is called do not rush, during the course of the climb we stopped since some of my teammates named Samir broke it The shoes, after having solved my partner Luis says we have to move forward we have a dream to fulfill and a goal to reach
After forty-five minutes we have reached the park rangers. It is a very beautiful place after having been in that place exactly we had the opportunity to take advantage of taking strawberry water from a small fountain, it is fresh water from the mountain, when we went to drink water I see a huge tail that I almost fainted, It was an impressive tail but it made me understand many things when I saw it, I sat down and I started to think and I said how amazing that people who go up to Avila come to enjoy the good air and the rich water that is taken there in that place , At the moment of being in the queue almost one of the first I saw a young woman who was more tired than I, with the heart in the hand and with the I know that I had the call and I told her lady to come here that I do The tail again do not worry, at that moment I take the I know for ten minutes, then I turn my turn and enjoy quietly rich water and good help to the lady
After we finished resting we decided to go ahead Much later we lost and we arrived at a place where there was a small river, we stopped there and we started to talk now where we go we have to return to the same place where we came guys, We returned to where we were the first stop for a moment we sat down and our partner Samir very tired tells us boys we are going to return us I do not want to keep going up I give up, we have gathered to talk and these were the words of us friend Luis let's go if we can To follow, we have a goal to meet, let's go if we can. Very slowly my partner will change his mind and he went ahead with us very far away missing only fifteen minutes to arrive we found a small animal that has a very great power to hurt people
After passing our scorpion friend, they spent the fifteen minutes of walking to where we would have our goal, from below we saw the point where we had to go, we walked and we arrived at the site, I was excited because we really could achieve Our goal and dream, at that moment we could see our great city Caracas - Venezuela
The goals that one proposes, in fulfilling them there will always be obstacles in the way or path, the idea is that you think big and you can get ahead with those goals and dreams helping each other with strength and hope

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