I am fascinated by bridges, its architecture, its history, its usefulness. I have many photographs of bridges that several cities I have visited. That's why I want to share some bridges that I liked on several of my trips.


This is a city that is located in the south of France. Its most emblematic bridge is the New Bridge which is the oldest in the city. It crosses the Garonne river and its construction began in the mid-16th century. It is characterized by its arches and red bricks. Today it constitutes a Historical Monument of France.


Another bridge found in Toulouse is located in the Japanese Garden. It is a red metallic structure that harmonizes perfectly with the environment of that space.



We all know that the river Seine crosses the French city of Paris. Its bridges are spectacular and there are special boat rides to enjoy Paris from its river. There are more than thirty bridges and these have been built at different times. Each bridge has its particularity. Among the most famous for tourists are those where there are artisans or painters who show their artistic works.

I took this photograph in black and white because I wanted to have a different memory of my walk through Paris.


In this case, in addition to the bridge, I wanted to capture part of the road full of tourists in a hot summer.



An extraordinary and modern bridge is located in Düsseldorf - Germany. The Rhine river crosses this expensive and cosmopolitan city and the architectural structure of Flehe has a total length of 1,148m. Its construction began in 1976 by the company Krupp Industria de Rheinbusse.




Who visits Florence in Italy should go to the Vecchio bridge. This is a medieval structure on the Arno river. There is a lot of commercial activity, especially sales of gold and jewelry. This bridge has many stories that can be found online so I suggest that visitors to this publication discover them on the information highway.

Personally, I tell them that I walked a lot to get to him and that the group of friends I traveled with were very upset about my efforts to reach him. But when we arrived and appreciated the goldsmith work they were delighted. And today we remember with happiness that long walk.


On the river Arno there are also other bridges that have similar structures. The most beautiful are the details that are appreciated in them.


The inscription dates from 1569



This is a beautiful city of Spain. From the Torre del Oro, which is located on the Paseo Cristóbal Colón, you can see one of its emblematic bridges located on the Guadalquivir River, the San Telmo Bridge. This one was built between 1925 and 1931; It currently has 4 lanes, pedestrian sidewalk and bicycle lane. In total, the river has more than 20 bridges.



In Venezuela there are very important and beautiful bridges such as the bridge over Lake Maracaibo and the bridges over the Orinoco River. However, I prefer to show a pedestrian bridge that is located on the Manzanares River in the city of Cumana - Venezuela. This is the city where I live.


Bridges are symbolism of union and encounter.

There are many phrases that I like about bridges and I would like to leave some in this post.

" The most difficult bridge to cross is the bridge that separates words from acts. " I don't know the author

Bridges unite, educating is uniting.” I don't know the author

"Men build too many walls and not enough bridges." Isaac Newton

“We are the bridge to the infinite, arched over the sea, looking for adventures for our pleasure, living mysteries, choosing disasters, triumphs, challenges, impossible bets, testing ourselves again and again learning love.” Richard Bach

Observation: my language is not English. You can read and speak in English but I respect the grammar of each language so to make this publication I have helped myself with an online translator and common sense.

All photographs are my property

Thank you for reading. Welcome, your comments.

Infinite greetings and until an upcoming post.

EquipoCardumen. Somos compañeros de viaje

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There are not very pretty bridges too look at, but 2 very large bridges close to where I grew up in SE Texas. Congrats on the OCD nom!


Thank you for your comment and for your photos of bridges. There are spectacular bridges in many parts of the world. With different building materials and with great stories. The important thing is that they always symbolize union. A big hello @gniksivart, I am very very happy for the OCD vote

I like bridges especially stone bridgesBabaeski-Köprüsü-768x768.jpg


That bridge is beautiful! I also like stone bridges

Those are some lovely bridges.


Yep!. There are many great bridges. These are just a sample

I found the most impressive to be in Florence, don't you think? I can't imagine how those people could have made the decision of building there!


Hi @siomarasalmeron. Remember that it was a bridge built in the medieval period. Today it is maintained with other uses. As I said with intense commercial activity. A big hug

Nice one. Your fantasy is something different with other.


Thank you!!