Roses are in spring

3년 전

i have a large selection of my favorite beautiful and charming sentiments about the roses.
But the most beautiful 'Red Rose' i think is the favourite Rose of every one.

*Roses spread sweet fragrence around there .
*Some Used it for making jewellery at the specials occasions.

It is used in both conditions Happy & Sad ...
People Use red roses in their weddings. Girls wear it as jewellry styles, people throw leaves of roses on special gues t in honour, to welcome them , And also used in gethering, meetings, Mehfils etc...

and in sad moments it is used in white sheets (Shroud) , At graves , in the memory of our loved once who left us

And the most important and beautiful thing about red rose is what admire us more is
The Red Rose is the sweeting of HAZRAT MOHAMMAD (P.B.U.H)
It gives coolnes to eyes its fragness touchs our heart Also

I love to plant All types of flowers and specially Red Roses and in blossom i capture the pictures of my plants as well i am sharing it here and also i saved it in memory

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nice photograph+ writing

Great writing.