Early Summer

6개월 전

For comparison, I will now show you the same fields that have taken shots of in early spring as well as late spring.

These were taken a month and a half ago:


Three weeks ago:


And today:




There's something growing in that field already.


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Kesä kesä kesä!!!
It might be that really love summer. ☀😀

Very different feeling about the place!! So, you could see changes every month during summer and autumn!

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If I took a picture of a forest, you'd have to be an expert to tell June, July, August or even early September apart. In early September, there could already be some yellow leaves on birches but that can easily happen already in July caused by heat and drought as well. Fields are a different matter because whatever is planted on them is constantly growing until it is harvested.


Yeah! I still remember this land under snow a few months ago!

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God Finland goes through some transition . Nature is amazing

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