Go Club Outdoors + Declaration Of The Beginning Of Summer

3개월 전

We met again at the harbour. Why not, it was a little shy of 20 C and it actually felt hot in the sun until the wind picked up a little bit and the sun went lower.

You know what the meteorological definition of summer is in Finland? It is that the 24 hour average temperature remain above 10 C persistently. Five or seven consecutive days with the average temperature above 10 C signifies the beginning of summer. It must sound ridiculous to people living in warmer climates. Incidentally, in Poland similar criteria are used but the cut off temperature is 15 C. However, our standards follow local natural cycles (and not just the decimal system) quite well. When thermal summer ends, the majority of tree leaves will be yellow. Birches grow leaves late and they turn yellow quite early, in mid-September in the south of the country. In the southern Finland, summer lasts four months. In the far north above the arctic circle, it's about two months long.

Lot's of people spending time outdoors on the terraces.

Because the weather has become warmer, the lake cruises have started again.

This one is returning.

I took the pictures of the returning ship at about 9 pm.

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Very nice photos! The sky is bright blue! Sunset is also lovely.

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