Practicing Night Photography

29일 전

Low light photography is not easy. Good composition is a function of luck much more than when there is a normal amount of light. Focusing is impossible unless done manually. When shooting landscapes or the night sky, the lens used must be focused on a distance sufficiently far from the camera so that everything from half that distance into infinity is in acceptably sharp focus. That distance is called the hyperfocal distance. You get the maximal depth of field that way. That distance depends on the focal length used if you have a variable focal length objective. There are mobile phone apps for calculating that.

If you want to take a picture of the starry sky and some foreground, too, you need to use maximum aperture, focus the lens at the hyperfocal distance and only use an exposure time less than about 20 seconds if you want the stars to appear as dots because otherwise the rotation of the Earth will move their apparent positions. ISO 1600 is a good starting point. Or so I've been told.

When it comes to night photography, I'm a complete beginner but here are the three non-fucked-up frames that I got tonight. One is both in color and in black and white.

Next time, I need to find a place with much less light pollution. Also, taking a flashlight with me to help focus the camera in darkness. Or using the headlights of the car to illuminate something sufficiently far away for focusing could do the trick.

Sorry, no nice starry sky, in part because it was partly overcast and because the Moon was bright. But I hope you like these.





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Low light photography is not easy.

I keep it even more simple than that by saying, "photography is not easy."

That all-encompassing statement vindicates every failure I have. :)

The last one is my favorite!