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Hello Steemians!

Today I come to you with another blog, dedicated to my photography! It’s been a long time coming, but I have some very exciting news for you all. First, I am almost done with my degree which means I will be able to have more time to share with you all! Secondly, it means more adventures- as I no longer have long lists of essays to write and other work to complete! Long story short, keep your eyes peeled from the end of July! It will be grand!

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But for now, I share a photography project of mine. This project I shot a few months ago as I was practising in a photography studio with different light set ups. Initially the idea of it came while I was working on my dissertation. Picture this, it’s 2 am, I’m sitting with my hair tied in a messy bun with a hot tea in my hands while I stare at a glaring computer screen with my tired purple eyes. I know, such a fabulous look...

Olghetta (1).jpg

I was researching the practice exploitation of woman’s body in media ads, as it was connected to the topic of my dissertation. You know, the typical drill. ‘’Buy this suit and your ego-filled macho self will be resistible with women opening their legs at your sight!’’, I would like to add that this has been inspired by an actual ad where you see a man in a suit and a woman in a sexual and demeaning position. Ugh.

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Jess (1).jpg

Anyway, the idea came to my head while I was thinking. I know sex sells, but there’s no need to exploit a female’s body in such a drastic way to portray an image full of sexiness, passion and desire. And then I felt the little tingle… a new photo project was coming.



So, I came up with a concept and a moodboard. The idea was to create work that portrays femininity, desire, sexiness without using a woman’s body. So I settled on close portraits, with a quirky theme. I added venetian lace masks, because they add the sensual atmosphere filled with mystery. Then I planned to use fruits, specifically in red (to connote to passion, love) and have models hold the fruits in various exploitative ways instead.


Of course you know me though, I had to add a bit of ‘weird’ into it. So I had fruits leak various liquids that were different unusual colours, creating an engaging and striking set of images. I kept the styling and make-up simple. And clothing was selected not to reveal the model’s body too much and instead have the props, lighting and pose do all the work.

Kelly WEB (1).jpg

Kelly WEB (3).jpg

As a result you have a set of images, that are filled with sexy mysterious vibes and that in some shots could even feel exploitative, without the need to show model’s boobs or butt. The women seem in control, confident and elegant which is the image of women – media should and slowly is – embracing more in advertising.

Kelly WEB (4).jpg

It was fun creating this set of images. i got to meet some new contacts and experiment with my studio set skills. My style of photography changed immensely throughout the years but the one factor remained: I always wanted to empower women in my shots. I hope you get that vibe through this set as well as enjoy it! It’s a little taste of even more exciting things to come!

Kelly WEB (1).jpg

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this project!

Please upvote, subscribe and share if you’d like to see more!

Until next time,


Marta x

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Hey @martaesperanza,

First of all congratulations for completing the degree, Is it journalism. Sorry as I have no idea if you were already shared with steemit earlier. Also what is this dissertation means, is it normally the thesis or project work that is normally known in other places as part of the course?

But you have touched a universal truth, exploiting a women's body in all possible way to sell any products. Like you said sex sells, so it easy for all. So just feels good that you tried to address this in a beautiful way.

I would be wrong if I would say I was not mesmerized by the different way you tried to portray in these photographs like the dark shade, the lace,the fruits and finally the eyes of the model/ Is it you? Just asking. Like I said in few other posts, I believe steemit is for supporting the members creativity and their ability to put forward something innovative and different way of their thought processs. And I did not find any reason for not considering this post in that category...

You are creative and you have all the ingredients to be successful in your field whether it is photography or an admaker Etc..

All the best... Thank you


Hiya, I study visual communication specializing in photography which branches out onto several areas of media and advertising :) journalism is not my specialty but rather fashion, art and marketing hence the subject of my dissertation which is just like thesis! Only with this course it plays a small part to my overall grade as it's so heavily dependent on practical work mainly. This was just a side project I did though, as I wanted to practice for my main project which I will share soon! None of the photos are me but I do try to be in front of camera more. Thank you for your detailed comment and interest. It brings me such joy when people take some time to really engage with my work. Thank you for you kind words of encouragement also. It means so much to me! All the best!


Thanks for the reply and sorry for the late response. Happy to hear more detailed aspect of your study, Visual communication and photography itself make a best combination and anything added to it seems to be a bonus. Fashion, Art and Marketing and you seems to be a versatile genius it seems (Saying this as those photos are still in my memory).

None of the photos are me

Do it just for the time pass, otherwise you wont get time for the rest of the stuffs which you could really a make a name and fame.

It is always a pleasure to meet new people with different talent and I would say I really appreciate you for being a reputed member in Steemit while still you are a student..

All the best again.. Cheers and take care


Your comments just keep making my day! I've been working really hard on all the studies while trying to build my photography business and also managing social media and blog posting! (and let's not even mention my personal life stuff) It's been a few chaotic months but I'm looking forward to becoming more focused now- since at least university is done! It's incredibly humbling for me when people notice all the effort I put into my work. So thank you again, because having an audience like you is one of the best things about creating the photos I do! All the best!


Happy ti hear like that and it seems to be a compliment on me. This is the time you could use all your energy to make the days productive, Moreover when you follow your passion you don't normally feel it as big task.

Learn some Time management skills or some easy to techniques. No need to say so many thanks.

Also try to post here atleast oe blog per week or 7 days so that you would feel like relevant...

Take care, Stay connected...

oh dear @martaesperanza,
power to women, yes, I really like this concept !! and you are really right: advertising has now become saturated with beautiful models that also make girls who don't feel up to their standards go crazy! by the way, your photos are beautiful! but I have to be honest and tell you that I don't like the liquid that comes out of women's mouths: what does it mean to you?
congratulations on your curie vote


Thank you so much for your comment! In terms of the liquid, I like to add a dark twist to all my photos as a signature so this idea was for this purpose. I wanted to test the boundaries of how I can add weird aspects to the images while maintaining the original sexy, sensual theme. While it throws the photos off a little, it's adding my dark/ weird signature to them and hopefully makes them more original and memorable! X

Hi martaesperanza,

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I like the idea of your project. They all look hot but in a feminine way. You captured perfectly what you were aiming for. Did you do the make-up too? I really like it. Especially the dripping part :)

I wish you good luck with finishing of your studies. I know how it feels when you're almost there. And you will be ecstatic when it will be over and you will be able to enjoy the summer ;)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!


Thank you so much! I'm some cases I've done the makeup but used a make up artist of they were available. I'm so happy you like the dripping part as I had mixed reviews on that aspect! And thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement, it's been a long time coming but I can't be more excited to finally finished studies and start a new chapter of my life! Best wishes to you x


You can't please everyone with your art so it is totally ok when there are mixed reviews on that :)

I'm sure that the new chapter will be epic and that you will make the best out of it :)


Thank you so much! X

Do you know what I see? I see an empowered woman, who knows what she wants and very elegant in her way of being. I really liked the lighting that took the picture, plus the mask gives you that look of bold but elegant, congratulations for the vote curie!


I'm so happy this is what comes across in my photos as it's what I was aiming for! It was fun to experiment in the studio and practice for a bigger project of mine which I will be sharing soon. Thank you so much!

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First of all, congratulations on your almost finished program.
Secondky, congratulation for the curie vote
And, last but not least, congratulations for an amazing set of photography!
As a father of 4 girls, I am so concern with the kind of female image they're buying from the media and friends.
This is great. You achieve your purpose

fruits leak various liquids that were different unusual colours, creating an engaging and striking set of images

The unusual colors of the liquids dripping from the models' mouths was the first thing that caught my attention. There was a certain morbid/cadaveric look, contrasted by the very vivid and alluring rest.


That's exactly what I was looking to portray so I'm so happy you have noticed it! A little dark twist in an overall alluring set. Thank you so much for your comment. I feel it's an important topic to keep exploring so that the youth doesn't feel as pressured by the undermining image of women portrayed everywhere. Although some brands recently are embracing female empowerment and body positivity more in their ads which is the right way forward! All the best to you and your girls!