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Hi Steemians,

I am taking a brief intermission of my travel blogging, of my Birmingham Guide- to share some more of my photography projects! This specific shoot is called a Peacock Queen . The initial inspiration for this shoot came to me, while I was strolling around a local car boot sale- looking for interesting items to use for shoots.

It's a great way to find interesting and unique items which could boost your creativity and inspire a project or a shoot with a real good price deal. Most things are very cheap, so you won't be spending a fortune on props or clothing that you would use only once, for creative purposes.

While walking around I spotted a massive bunch of peacock feathers and instantly asked for the price of the whole bunch. Normally peacock feathers are sold separately and are expensive but I got a really good deal on it, of only £5! I know... I couldn't believe it! Once I dragged them back home, I brainstormed all the different ideas and ways I can use them for the shoots before I settled on this idea.

I cut out a fan shape from cardboard box, in a big and in a small size and started to glue to feathers into it, making a dramatic spread of feathers for the back of the model and a small version to hold in hand. I then purchased a small moon design head piece, for £3. I bought some used clothes and collaborated with an artist and the entire shoot turned out to be less than £ 15! I have to say it's one of my cheaper ones.

But what I want to show is that sometimes, you don't need a crazy budget to produce compelling and creative images. It's all about the ideas in your head and your ability to use and transform different objects and use different tools & materials.


It's always satisfying to see finished result of a small idea that grew into a project with the hard work. People don't always realise or give credit to photographers for the vast amount of skills it takes to work in that field. The construction of an image sometimes makes us into make-up artists, stylists, prop makers, set constructors,directors, editors among many.... the initial idea of setting up the lighting, posing and taking an image is just a small part of the lengthy process and sometimes an incredible amount of work if you're working with limited team members or even alone.

However that's what it takes to do what you love, and I indeed love it deeply. Hence why I love sharing my work with you guys! I hope you like the images and stay tuned for the continuation of Birmingham series and more creative work!

As always, thank you for reading,

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Marta x

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