Camping under the Stars near Petersburg, United States

2년 전

Throwback Thursday! Camping out always gives me great memories. This is Picture Lake Campground near Petersburg, United States, during one of my last camping trips. During camping trips, I am always focused on the stars. The stars are fascinating...

Fascinating facts, for example? Stars tell us how old galaxies are. Every star you see in the night sky is bigger and brighter than our sun. Stars are black bodies, i.e. stars objects that absorb 100 percent of all electromagnetic radiation (e.g. light, radio waves etc.) that falls on them. Stars seem to twinkle sometimes, but they don't: it's because of the earth’s turbulent atmosphere.

I have tried to read the stars, but I am not really talented... Have you ever tried to? And what do you when camping out?

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amazing photos

Hi @martinphoto very interesting observations, I like your clicks, keep it up.

Great photos! Do you know that there is an island in Croatia, Lastovo, that is famous for star gazing? It is very distant from mainland, so there is no light pollution, which makes stars look very bright and clear.

great pics all of them :) btw, no more green user pic? heheh :)

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I've never camped, and it's wonderful to be able to enjoy it from your experience. I like to enjoy the sky, especially when it is full of stars.

I am @RitaAsabati, Venezuelan, I have little time in steemit and I would like you to visit my profile, I have several photographs of my city, especially in a series called "A city in motion". I hope to have your support. Many successes.

I remember my Uni friends because of this post. Not that we went camping though, but we often do night swimming because it's like hitting two birds with one stone since we all love swimming at night and star gazing. Lovely clicks! 🌟

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I don't read stars. I just stare at them :)
Those are some amazing photos!

Very nice.


Thanks mate!

These are some really neat click! Awesome!

Gotta check it tonight, The moon suppose to be Red!


God is perfect...
@martinphoto :)

Wow! Awesome!!!

How beautiful is this?! ^.^

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Looking to stars is like an adventure.😍😍😍