Symptoms of Lupus Disease

2년 전


The symptoms that appear associated with this lupus disease can actually be easily recognized. In general there are mild symptoms with severe symptoms. Here are the symptoms.

Shortness of breath
Dry eyes
Damage to the heart, the heart of lupus patients usually experience damage in the form of fluid in the heart membrane. In addition, usually also occur veining, pain in the fingertips, and also vegetation in the heart valve.
A lot of canker sores appear
Experiencing convulsions
The wound that is on the skin will get worse if exposed to sun exposure.
Experiencing anemia, this is due to the low number of platelets and leukocytes of people with lupus disease.
Weight loss down with no obvious reason
The presence of inflammation in the mouth.
Easily tired
Pain in the joints, pain that hit the joints on the hands, knees, fingers and toothpick does not damage the joints.
Kidney damage, this can be detected in the presence of protein content contained in the urine.
Red rash on the skin, the appearance of this rash is triggered by exposure from the sun.

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