My Travel to Kazakhstan: Mosque Hazret Sultan

2년 전

Good day, my friends!

Today I want to remember a little about my trip to Kazakhstan. I spent some time in Kazakhstan and visited a beautiful city called Astana. Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan and many Muslims live here.

I like to learn new faith for myself and Muslims seem very nice and kind people to me, therefore, together with my daughter I decided to visit one of the main mosques of the city - Khazret Sultan.

The Khazar Sultan Mosque is one of the most modern and beautiful mosques in Kazakhstan. The mosque was opened in 2012 and became the property of the city.

We walked around the whole mosque of Khazar Sultan and took some photos. The mosque is stunningly beautiful and it reminded me of Aladdin's palace, because the mosque is so similar to a fairy palace in its majestic beauty and decoration.

Also, the Khazar Sultan Mosque is the second largest mosque in Central Asia.

My daughter was very keen on soap bubbles, so I took a few of these hilarious photos.

Khazret Sultan in translation from the Kazakh language is "Saint Sultan", and a mosque was named in honor of the sheikh of the 12th century, Khoja Ahmed Yassawi, who was also an outstanding poet of Asia. Among other things, he is considered a saint in the Muslim world, and his mausoleum is in Turkestan. The mosque built in his honor simply could not be less majestic - the colossal structure resembles with its outline the most beautiful eastern palace.

Inside the mosque looks no less beautiful and resembles a golden palace. The whole mosque is covered with soft carpets of green color. At the entrance to the center of the hall you can see a small fountain with green plants.

The mosque is built in a classical oriental style with a bright design. In the center of the room there are crystal chandeliers that shine with their brilliance.

All women at the entrance to the mosque must wear a long cloak with a hood. Also, before entering the mosque, you must remove your shoes and go barefoot into the mosque.

Next is the prayer hall, which can include only Muslims. The prayer hall is fenced with red threads and tourists can not pass beyond this fence.

In the prayer hall, a very pleasant atmosphere prevails, which very calms and helps to recharge spiritual energy.

I really liked my trip to the mosque Hazret Sultan. It seems to me that I visited a fairy tale and was able to learn more about the Muslim faith and its extraordinary beauty.

By the evening we were on the street and I took some more photos of the mosque against the background of the evening sky .. It was amazingly beautiful!

I hope you also liked my trip to the mosque of Hazret Sultan and you plunged into a beautiful fairy tale.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

Thanks for watching and your time, I always appreciate it!

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Enjoy excellent day, friends!

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its beautiful

What an amazing superb architecture it is.
I wish i could pray there. Mosques are spiritual places where one can find inner peace and connectivity to allah. Its gald to know that you visited such place and interested to learn islam. May allah give you guidance and peace.
thanks for sharing such beautiful images.


Thank you very much for your kind words :), I really like to visit new spiritual places

Poetic pics
Poetic girl
Poetic travel.

Kazakhstan is the world's most beautiful place. All these pictures are very beautiful.

Beautiful View of the city.....
thank you for sharing with us dear....


Well I have no words to describe the images you have put up. I know these places are beautiful but the way you have captured and presented them, it looks more beautiful. The image of Mosque reminds me of The Great Taj Mahal of our country, India. It looks similar. Do visit if you get a chance to..I am being selfish as I would like to write you about that as your experience..hehe...well written..thanks


Thank you very much, I'm glad that you liked my photos and the mosque really reminds the Taj Mahal :)


well i feel proud to see something about India here.
Lets take our Indian Tourism to a next Level.Thanks sir for inviting these people to India.proud to be an Indian.

Beautiful pics


Thank you!

So beautiful I appreciate your work @milaoz


Thank you :-)

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It's really beautiful ... thanks for sharing ...


Thank you for your comment!

The posting pictures and the pictures looked amazing to me. Thank you


Thank you for your comment!

Wow..Architecture is superb....and coming to photography its also awesome..hope so once i should visit this place in future

Beautiful construction!

This is just amazing.. The mosque is so beautiful, and the photo taken well..


Thank you :-)


most welcome

that little girl is sooooo cute, muahhhhhhh


Thank you !

Mashallah beautiful mosque amazing post wonderful journey cute kids.


Thank you very much!

Wow mashAllah wonderful mosque. and photos are really superb. Hope so you enjoyed this travel too much.
I liked your article and upvoted and resteemed as well @milaoz


Thank you very much, I'm very pleased that you liked the photos of my trip!



A well known and ancient mosque this is.
I also heared about it because i am a muslim.
Thanks for sharing @milaoz.
And best regards for sir @hamzayousaf.

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Your pictures are so nice and beautiful .. It's obvious you really had a nice trip with your beautiful daughter. Weldone @milaoz!! I would love to follow you here on steemit.

@milaoz.. Thanks for sharing this amazing palace.. i m mesmerized by its beauty.

The MOSQUE IS VERY NICE MANY MANY THANKanimated-flower-images-and-wallpapers-8.jpg

Beautiful image captured and nice blog .... Keep it up 😊


Thank you so much!

@milaoz Astana is Beautifull city and the tomb of mosques colours looks so vivid


Yes, I agree with you:-)

Beautiful! Such an amazing place and great photos!! :) Looks like a great place to visit, will have to put it on my bucket list. :)

very beautiful place and you are good hard work.

Thanks a lot for the post. I loved to see your appreciation and evaluation of Muslim people. I am really glad. And it's fantastic to know about your journey to a beautiful country like Kazakhstan. ☺

This is the most adorable place. moreover you got amazing photography skills.

As always, your pictures are beautiful and amazing, capture the moment and atmosphere.
Once again your daughters are little stars. I am becoming a fan of your blog. Upvoted and resteemed.


Thank you very much, I am very pleased!

Beautiful place, majestic really impressive

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This Post is awesome! thanks for share with us. Each picture is absolutely beautiful

very beautiful city. beautiful muque of hazrat sultan is really nice, and extraordinary.

Wow, it awesome photos, I have no word to see OMG dude great and its a very good article... keep posting... upvote for your amazing effort...!!!


Beautiful photo, congratulations.

Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man,Keep it up.

what a great place !! anyway your daughter so sweet !

As a Muslim, I am so excited. I have no ability to see this mosque personally. But you have shown me. May God bless you.

I really like buildings like this, thanks for sharing.

I find it interesting how you see in the last picture the mosque, and to the right of it the clearly soviet apartment buildings. Couldn't be more of a contrast really.

I like the pictures

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WOW!!! Exceptional photo shoot. I also love to travel and like to taste different food stuff but your description regarding your travelling experiences, is so cool. This is really incredible.
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Love for all around the world.
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Thanks for sharing such awesome work. Keep doing such incredible work.

wow @milaoz . that is so beautiful! so majestic. thanks for sharing as it could be that if not you i would never seen this! :)

hi @milaoz ,you and your little daughter both are looking sooo pretty.i also appreciate your photography .

One of the most thorough and beautifully written posts I've found yet.
Keep it up!