In love with the sea

4개월 전

Weather is getting warmer day after day, yet, due to the heavy winter people still hesitate to go to the nearest beach and enjoy the water...


Well, better for us.

A whole sea just for me and my fellas.

I think I got a pretty good shot of the sunset too...what do you think?

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Looking good! That first #tag might as well be "pornography" in stead of photography ...


Ha! My man.

When nature is in mood...these are the results. Pornography indeed

Just found out your posts on my suggestion list on esteem! Clicked to see the great shot. Yeah, sea always attracts me too. The shot is amazingly beautiful


Thank you so much

Really a pretty good shot, mindtrap :B. Here are the Ice Saints days, it's not warm and rainy. Enjoy it, it's beautiful with you :D

You are lucky you live nearby sea. Nice photo!

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