The Place At the Top of the Mountain [Original Photography]

4년 전


I once stood at the top of the mountain
Within the reach of the skies
Closer to the heavens than I have ever been before
Stood taller than the trees below
Understood more about the world I set foot on
The grass looked greener
The people looked nicer
The city was smaller
I stood up here before and everything was better


I now stand on the top of the mountain
Where the skies were within my reach
Where the heavens was closer than I could ever think
Where the world around me can be seen entirely
I now stand at the top of the mountain
And I can see the place the world has become
And this place was better when it was before.


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Stunning! thank you!


Thank you too! :)

Hi @minsky7 wow… this is really a spectacular landscape out there, hope to see more from you soon.
Zwischenlinie-2 für Steem-Post 940x120.png
sunny greetings from Andalusia
Don Thomas


Thank you! I'll surely post for more! :)

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  ·  4년 전

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing


Thank you! :)

How long have you been meddling with poetry? I like it, but it has some grammar errors! :)


Hi thank you! Well I have been going through poetry a lot of times before and I just resumed with it these recent times. But yeah I still got to work on some things though. :)

Beautiful Photos :)


Thank you!! :D