The Sky....Peace...Tranquil..and Home

4년 전


The sky has always been one of my many focuses in photos.
One look and I know it'll always be a master piece.
It was made that way.
The calmness it brings on a good weather.
And the nostalgia and breathtaking moments it gives on bad ones.
The peace we feel just by looking at it.
The calmness I get in witnessing it.
And the feeling of home in embracing it.
The sky will always be one of my many focuses in photos.
For it brings me peace and tranquility.
And it brings me the home I've always wanted to be.

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Hey @minsky7, nice post! I've developed a better appreciation for art and photos, so it's nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers


Thank you for appreciating my post! Good day!