What Do I Fear The Most?

4년 전


I am afraid of the future.
I am afraid of what it holds for me.
I am afraid that I may never reach the dreams I've always dreamed of.
I am afraid that I may never reach the places I have always imagined of.
I am afraid that I may turn out to be a disappointment.
I am afraid I won't be able to be what my family expected me to be.
I'm afraid I can't give them the future they wanted.
I am afraid of what the future holds for me.


And maybe that's the very reason why I was never afraid to die.
My fear of the future dominated than my will to live.
Dying was the only escape of the fears the future gives me.
The only way out to never face the fears I've been dreading.
Because if I die today I won't have to be afraid of anything.
Because if I die today, there won't be any future I'll be afraid of.


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