Back from the Dolomites...

11개월 전

Sony A7r III, ISO 100, 1/200s, F10, 16mm, stitched Pano

Die Rosengartengruppe ist eine fantastische Gebirgskette in den Dolomiten, wie geschaffen für Wanderer und Kletterer.

The Catinaccio is a wonderful mountain range in the dolomites for trekkers and climbers.

Sony A7r III, ISO 100, 1/250s, F10, 16mm, stitched Pano

Wir werden bald zurück sein!

We will be back soon!

Sony A7r III, ISO 100, 1/250s, F10, 16mm, stitched Pano

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Original content - keep posting/curating as long as it's fun ;)

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Breathtaking photos, especially the second one, where it seems that you are on the roof of the world! :-) At what height were you there?

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Tolle Fotos! Mit welcher Linse hast du das eingefangen ?

Geile Wolkenstimmungen.

Beautiful scenery, beautiful mountain!!!

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Beautiful photography, @mitchtokita! I love snow capped mountains!

Great photos! It looks as though it may have been difficult to get to where you were. Was it?