Snow's back!!!


DJI Phantom 4 Pro II, ISO 100, 1/320s, F5.6, 24mm

Heute Morgen konnte ich meinen Augen kaum trauen. Plötzlich war alles weiss...
Da fällt mir nur eines ein:)

I couldn't believe my eyes this morning. Suddenly everything was white...
Only one thing occurs to me:)

Today we don't go out at all - we stay at home in our pyjamas...

Have a nice Sunday!!!

Heute gehen wir gar nicht raus - wir bleiben im Pyjama z'haus...

Schönen Sonntag!!!

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Original content - keep posting/curating as long as it's fun ;)

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Ha... that's weird that the snow has returned! We also had a touch of snow (nothing like what you have...) in The Netherlands this last month... strange stuff for spring....

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❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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warte ab der mai wird noch toll

April, April macht was er will


Leider auch im Mai ;)

Nice pyjama vantage point for the first image :)



True, the drone was travelling for me, while i was standing on the terrace ;)

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I had some hail as well. Nice soundtrack


Oh wow! Where are you at?


Stunning image, great work! I'd love this sort of scenery, sadly, it does not exist anywhere near where I live!


Thanks! Where are you at?


I'm based in Australia :)
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Ahhh we need some of's heating up here...even hard to stare outside....blazing sun....🥺

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Sun? We have a temperature fall - where are you to have too much of sun?



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