My Baby ~ Alleria the kitty cat.

4년 전

When I am not playing my video game League of Legends or drawing then I am playing with my kitty cat Alleria. I named my kitty cat after Alleria Windrunner from World of Warcraft. She is so cute and little and she isn't a baby anymore! Alleria is 2 1/2 years old and is the only girl cat out of a litter of 5. There are 4 brothers and her! I will soon post pictures of her brothers but for now, I wanted to show my baby off. :)

Here is the original included with the edited version. She is so cute and adorable and has the cutest meow!

I hope you enjoy my post of my baby Alleria and have a good day!

Love, Morrigan

#animalphotography #animals #cats

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In Holland’s embassy in Moscow, Russia, the staff noticed that the two Siamese cats kept meowing and clawing at the walls of the building. Their owners finally investigated, thinking they would find mice. Instead, they discovered microphones hidden by Russian spies. The cats heard the microphones when they turned on.

Purring does not always indicate that a cat is happy and healthy - some cats will purr loudly when they are terrified or in pain.

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Hai ..apa kabar.saya lihat postingan anda makin bagus aja .saya sangat menyukainya punya @morrigan

Awe we could be friends 😻 meow cute cat mRrrrrrrrrr....

That's a beautiful cat; I'm sure she's very happy to have you as "family!"