Sunrise to sunset



Every day being awake is a gift. What kind of day will it be as long as you've been given another day to live is enough for you to be happy. Be thankful despite how bad the world is now, you made it to wake up for another day to live.

I did nothing much special for today, no picnics, no gathering. It's a usual day where I can spend it alone but even so, I'm still thankful for a new day. I don't know what will happen tomorrow or the day after or in the future. All I know is to make sure to enjoy this wholeheartedly.


I woke up this morning with not much commotion. You know that a pandemic still lives if it can be thrown. I did it for a long time for sure. It's not easy and no matter how desperate I am not to accept that this is the world now, I have no choice but to agree.

I stepped outside not thinking anything. Just looking around and thinking that there might be something amazing in the surroundings. Not hoping but this was what to be expected, the fascinating beauty of nature. Yes, the beautiful sky during the sunrise was perfect to move my heart to feel fortunate.


Thankful for my phone that showed me such a beautiful view. I captured a couple of times because I felt good but I wasn't full yet. I thought of capturing another to satisfy my hungry heart for beauty.


The shimmering lights from the sun where it shined didn't blind me. Instead, it urged me to keep on watching because as if it was something new which is not. Perhaps, I was just exaggerating when I saw it because it was really pretty and I thought of savoring it while I still could.

I had a beautiful morning influenced by the beautiful sunrise and accompanied by the trees and plants above that looked so graceful. It's not just simple beauty because it inspired me to love more about life.


I thought about taking a break while waiting for another interesting thing to come. I grilled fresh fish that I bought from a fisherman at the shore. I welcomed him so that I could buy a cheaper fish and a fresh one as well. We haven't eaten this kind of fish because this type of fish in our province can't be caught anytime. This fish could only be caught once in a while so having this one was lucky. It tasted delicious by cooking it in so many ways. I took a shot when my nephew grilled it because I was cooking this fish in a soup dish.


Never think that life will end when the day will end. Never think that after the sunrise you can barely see beauty from nature. Don't underestimate the beauty of sunset because it's far prettier than you can ever imagine. When the color of the sun is mixed with the sky and it reflects the sea. You will find an astonishing beauty that you can't help yourself but appreciate.


I sat on the sand along the shore. I saw the people were there at the sea because they were searching for food to eat. I was just enjoying the time while watching them. Maybe other people thought I was stunned at the shore where I was seated. I didn't move but my eyes did all the time while looking in different directions.


I wasn't planning to touch my feet with seawater. I thought to keep on sitting there but I noticed the gorgeous view of the reflection that the sun provided. I stood and walked and walked where that colorful sun kept on shining. I thought of capturing a beautiful reflection but I failed because I only had a mobile phone. The camera didn't have much quality to capture the glamour within. That's why I ended up taking shots with the horizon and not the reflection. Still, I found it nice to see even though I don't know for others.


It was so beautiful that I thought of reminiscing about it. It's perfect because I can check it again by posting it here.


Thank you for reading

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Your place is soo beautiful. The shots didn't lie. Hope your doing great despite this pandemic kabayan.