Top 6 tips for begineer photographers || PhotographyTutorial

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## 1. Don’t buy the most expensive equipment right away.
It’s possible to get great photos with an inexpensive camera. The more photos you take, the more you’ll know about what kind of camera to get when it’s time to upgrade.

## 2. Keep your camera with you all the time.
Photo opportunities often come when you least expect it. If you can keep your equipment relatively simple, you might be able to take advantage of some of those unexpected ops.

## 3. Enjoy the learning process.
The best part of having a hobby like photography is never running out of things to learn. Inspiration is all around us. Look at everything with the eyes of a photographer and you’ll see opportunities you've never noticed before.

## 4. Understand the Manual mode
The biggest advantage of shooting in manual mode is that it lets you take creative control over the exposure of the image.Some lighting situations are too difficult for the camera’s auto modes to handle! Trying to shoot these scenarios in automode will simply give wrongly exposed images.

## 5. Learn the basic rules.
The amount of information about photography online can be overwhelming. Start with a few articles .Be open to what more experienced photographers have to say.

## 6. Take photos regularly.
Just get out of your bed and do it. Try to photograph something every day.

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This is a good post: brief and right to the point. These are very usefull guidelines and should be followed by all beginners. 🙂


Thanks a lot

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