How to sell an image of $100,000? For Steemit Professional Photographer / 一张图像如何卖出10万美元?

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A business opportunity for Steemters Professional Photographer / 一个商业机会帮助 Steemters摄影师赚取更多的收入

I came here almost a month's time, I will spend some time every day look at the article, I am here to find a business that can add more income for Steemers, while allowing more photographers and professional designers to Steemit to show their opportunities.

My first idea: How professional photographers to earn more?

photography tag has lined up a third,These days I find there is a lot of professional photographers to showcase their work,If the author's original work, you can display their talent in here, If a customer would be willing to pay a premium price to appreciate your work copyright,For example, yesterday I saw a picture of the image, looks very professional, want to do the background,We can go to some professional image sales site, go sell your copyright, Like the author made a few hundred thousand dollars

You can Google Search "Sell Photos" , "Sell images", "Buy Photos",Results obtained Like Shutterstock,iStock Photo,Fotolia,123RF,graphicriver and More,By which sites can sell your work, this is my first idea

我来这里已经快有一个月的时间,每天我都会花些时间来看文章,我在这里发现一个商机,可以为Steemers增加更多收入, 同时可以让更多的摄影师和专业的设计者来到Steemit 展示他们的机会, 怎样专业的摄影师赚取更多呢? photography tag 已经排到了第三了, 这些天我发现这里有非常多的专业摄影师展示他们的作品, 有一些获得了点赞并且得到了收入, 但许多非常少, 如果是作者的原创作品,你可以在这里展示才华,并且有客户会欣赏愿意出高价购买你们的作品版权,比如我昨天看中了一幅图像,拍得非常专业,想用来做背景, 我们可以在一些专业的图像销售网站,去出售你的版权。

一张图像销售$6, 但卖了19,060 Sales, 像这个作者一张图像赚了11万美元, 你不仅仅在这一个网站进行销售,还有更多,你可以通过Google Search "Sell Photos" , "Sell images", "Buy Photos", 得到结果 Shutterstock,iStock Photo,Fotolia,123RF and More, 通过那些网站可以销售你们的作品, 这是我的原创分享

The second idea: how to get more photographers and designers to join Steemit?

I've been concerned about some websites, such as iStockPhotos forum, where there are hundreds of thousands of users, as well as, also has several million registered users, where there are hundreds of thousands of registered users, there are many photography sites, there are professional designers and photographers in the active, how to attract them to Steemit?

@dan, @net Do you consider some commercials by Goolge Adwords at these sites, Increase the visibility of, since these users are most receptive Steemit, compared to play some billboards in high-speed, the effect is much better


我以前关注过一些网站,如iStockPhotos 论谈,那里有几十万用户,还有, 同样有几百万注册用户, 那里也有几十万注册用户, 还有许多摄影网站, 那里都是专业设计师和摄影师在活跃, 怎样吸引他们来Steemit? 是否考虑过一些商业广告通过Goolge Adwords 在这些网站, 增加 的爆光率, 因为这些用户最容易接受Steemit, 比起在高速上打一些广告牌,效果要好的多

Enjoy :)
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顶!不过要说一下,你举的那个例子卖的不是图片,而是photoshop action。


差不多了, 我只是随便抓了个图, 很多作者都赚了不少, 这里优秀的摄影师很多,多条发财的路子,只需去建个号,在这里做流量 :)