A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MY PUPPIES VLOG #2 | What to do when bringing home a new puppy | What are Silver Labradors? | MyPictureDay submission

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Believe it or not, bringing home two puppies is easier than just one.

These two silver labrador puppies are only 8 weeks old and they're the newest additions to our family.

Check out my vlog about them below

What are silver labradors?

Well, they're labradors that have a silver coat like these two puppies. This colour is much more rare for labradors. They usually come in three common colours: yellow, chocolate and black. Some other rare colours of Labrador which I'll be breeding at my kennel soon are charcoal and champagne coloured labs. Check out my vlog for more information on this.



Maddie and Lucy

These two cuties are related to one of my other females, Bella. We got them from the same breeder and they have the same parents. And it's interesting because I've already noticed many similarities to Bella in their behaviour, and they've never met, so it has to be based on their genetics.



The first things you should do when bringing home a new puppy

When you first bring a new puppy home you want to get them used to their environment. And you want to start showing them what they should and shouldn't do right away, including potty training. The other very essential thing when training any dog is consistency. If you scold your puppy for doing something, then it should get the idea not to do it. But if it goes to try and do that thing again, and you don't scold him the next time, he can get the idea that it's okay to do, or that he can get away with it sometimes, and may develop this bad habit. This is why as the trainer you have to maintain consistency. Otherwise you open the door to bad habits, and once those habits set in, it can be very difficult to train your dog to stop. The easiest time to train a puppy is when you've first introduce it to a new environment and the younger they are the easier it will be. Check out my video above where I go over in more detail exactly how I did this with these two pups.

Our day ended with a beautiful cloudy sunset, right before a storm


Coming up soon I'm going to be showing you my adult lab, Karli, who's pregnant and will be delivering a litter in the coming weeks!

Much love,


All photos and video are mine and original. Shot on iPhone 7 Plus with basic processing done on photoshop.

For information about the dogs I breed visit my website torontolabradorpuppies.com

For more about me check out my Introduceyourself

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Oh my.. They are soooooo cuteee! I like your vlog :)




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oh my god, Maddie is adorable. I used to have a chocolate lab when I was little, these Silver labs look amazing! I neeeed