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Hi. I'm Nicole. I'm pretty cool and I want to get the most out of Steemit. I enjoy steemit but I really want to get the MOST out of it that I possibly can. I took some time off from photography and posting on social media. I finally went and edited some images from a shoot I did with Vannah. I hope you enjoy.

I want YOUR opinion! Do you want to see me post multiple images from a shoot or one at a time with a daily picture type thing?


Model: Vannah
All images were shot with a Canon Rebel T2i + 50mm 1.8 (these pictures are old) and Processed in Photoshop and Lightroom.

xoxo - Nicole

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I'd suggest small image sets of photos, perhaps a half-dozen in a post, with an external link to a larger album of you have more in a set.

There's nothing wrong with a single daily image post though. It may help you maintain a daily posting presence if that's your goal and you don't typically have other material.

Delighted to meet you Nicole.
Your auburn hair is simply luscious and your skin is perfect.
What a beautiful photo set. Thank you @nicoledphoto!
A daily photo post, that would be ideal. Then maybe once or twice each week post a larger group of photos, 5 or 6 would be great. Upvoted and followed!


Thanks for the info and I appreciate the follow and upvote! I'm going to probably go between posting one image and posting sets, my goal is to post several times a week if not every single day. I followed you as well!


HI FRIEND :) haha nice to meet you!

I'd say a max of 5 photos, ideally with varying shot setups :)


How do you personally feel about the single image posting though? I've considered really trying it. Thanks for your input!


Hmm, I think once in a while that's cool but I especially don't like just an image with no text, no story, no details... An interesting image with a backstory is cool. Personally I tend to do at least 2 or 3 and a little bit of descriptive text.

Try it out, though!

I truly love your photos!!


Thank you so much! It really means a lot! It keeps me motivated to keep on photographing.


I truly like your pics!!

Nice to meet you. :) I like your photos. Especially the contrast between the green leafs an read hair. But the eyes appear black is this on purpose?


I shot the image super dark, the sun was setting and I was having a harder time with the light. I didn't use a reflector so it was difficult to catch light in her eyes so I decided to allow them to be darker to go with the moodier vibe. Thank you! Nice to meet you!

Hello . Beautiful and interesting


you are welcome

Great portrait shots.

IMHO I like posts with one image more if it is the same image just different viewpoints. More images are great if they are telling a story or support a story e.g. in a travel report or in a tale..


I have to agree with you, and thank you!

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Nice work upvoted and followed.