Blood orange - Original macrophotography and colourfulphotography entry

2년 전

I'm going to hit up both categories in one entry :)

This is a slice of a blood orange I had put in my macro setup. And no I didn't pump up the saturation or vibrancy, they are both at 0


Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: 90mm macro lens
Shutter Speed: .5 secconds
Aperture: f/19
ISO: 200

And to give an idea of my setup (I used a nice smooth black piece of wood, black velvet backdrop, and some USB powered LED lamps from the rear:


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I've been addicted to blood oranges for few months now (since the season started and they came in to the stores) and have just started to wean off them and eat other fruits as well, lol.

So this pic gives me happy taste-memories; looks very juicy and delicious against that black background. The light makes it look almost like ruby.
I wonder if there's anyone who wouldn't want to eat that after seeing this photo. You did justice to it.

I like the fact that you tell people how you worked the picture. Inspiration for others to try at home :)


Thanks, Yeah, whenever there is a blood orange product in stores (say juice or other delicious snack) I always buy it. Sanpellegrino blood orange juice is also a luxury item I buy from time to time :) The light behind it was a pretty blueish white, which probably threw off the color balance a bit making the orange more ruby than the red/purple they normally are.


I don't think we have Sanpellegrino in our stores, or at least in the city I live in. I'll try it when I find it.


If you come across it get a can or 6, its really good! edit: It's usually by the water aisle of most stores, near the sparkling water section.


Yep, never seen those here! Waiting for them to land Finland..

Great work! Such a beautiful lightning / color