The Brenizer Truck - 80 photographs stitched into one shot - Original work

4년 전

This was my first attempt at the brenizer method. It is an interesting way to shoot with the end result looking like a large format photograph, or using a lens much wider than reality. In short, it creates maximum bokeh that many lenses wouldn't be able to capture in a single shot. More info here

To get this shot, I put my DSLR into full manual mode and found the correct exposure (which happened to be 2.5 sec, f/1.4, ISO 400) using my 50mm f/1.4 lens wide open. On a tripod I locked the focus where I wanted it on the truck, put focus to manual as well, then started shooting.

I took 80. Yes 80 pictures, and it took 14 minutes to take them all. Starting in one corner, you move the camera just enough so there is some overlap from the last one, and then go back and forth top to bottom. I then used Photoshop's photomerge to create the final conglomeration of pictures into one.


This is the final result. This method doesn't have a huge number of appropriate uses, but it really is fun to try. A lot of work as well.

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check out my other photography on my blog :)

Edit: I made a gif out of the 80 pictures to give you an idea of how I sequenced the shots:


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At first I just skimmed over your post and only read that you used a 50mm lens before looking at the picture. I nearly fell off my chair because I haven't seen any Photos like that before with a 50mm. The resolution, the colors and the reflections on the car are absolutely stunning!

Thank you very much for sharing the Brenizer method. I had never heard of it and I will definitely have to give it a try for myself very soon!

I would say that this is just the right picture for something like postcards or posters. Or maybe as a large format print? Did you consider selling it? If so, I would clean up the silhouette of the moon and the reflections it casts on the right side of the sky. Or maybe even remove the moon entirely? I'm just saying that because I think that it would make the picture look more polished. I'm not a huge fan of perfectly polished photos but I know that many other people are.


Haha thats awesome. Yeah its a very interesting way to shoot, and not many cameras can capture images like this. I keep forgetting this is an option when I want to shoot huge shots and still have that bokeh I love. Yeah try it out on something simple at home. Just remember you need to lock down EVERYTHING into manual (even lens autofocus), then just take multiple pictures like you can see in this example It doesn't have to be a ton of pictures like I did. The truck was just my test of the method so I need to refine it and shoot some even better topics before I sell (and I also don't know where to sell my work, haven't turned that corner yet). But thanks for the input :) Give it a try! edit: I added a gif in my post showing how I took the pictures in a Z sequence.

Good result for a first try. I love Brenizer, it brings new perspective to old things :D

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Wow, nice to see you back @nords!


Thanks! Yeah I have more free time now so hopefully I can get more of my travel and landscape pictures up on here :)

Cool presentation.

This one looks AWESOME, i understand now how hard it is but the final result is amazing!