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Pinwheelflower is a shrub national plant. Pinwheelflower trees grow on the continent of Asia. Flowers bloom during the rainy season at Pinwheelflower Trees. Pinwheelflower's trees are not much larger. Its leaves are dark green in color. Pinwheelflower is white in appearance. Pinwheelflower has 5 petals. However, Pinwheelflower trees are planted to enhance the garden space.


Pinwheelflower is so beautiful and attractive. Contains the pleasant aroma of Pinwheelflower.


Pinwheelflower is used in many countries on the continent of Asia as an Ayurvedic medicine.


Pinwheelflower grows on any soil. Pinwheelflower is bred from seeds and from stems.

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Yeah.. This is use for the medicine and I already shared some info about it previously. Nice captures also.


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