Remembering the cormorants


So long since I posted about birds. And the truth is, I've been seeing a lot more of them in the urban area where I live! I don't know if its because of less people in the streets, less pollution, just plain luck... but there's no denying it!

Only problem thow, no chance to take photos. I'll want to make lot of birdwatching and photography when some normality gets back, that's for sure! In the meanwhile, my only option is to remember some of the photos taken when travelling was a thing. And since cormorants are one of the species I see frequently, flying across the water, as I drive to work, time to dig up some photos!


Great cormorant / Corvo marinho (PT) - Phalacrocorax carbo

Cormorants are rather common birds, and chances are most of you have probably seen one. They belong to the Phalacrocoracidae family, which comprises around 40 species, and have wordlwide distribution. You can usually see them near water bodies, because their main diet is fish.


Most of them have black or mainly black plummage, medium to large size, and a beak that ends in a small hook (see how clear that is on the first photo!). They can be seen isolated or in groups, as in here, in a preening competition.


The webbed feet and somewhat short wings helps them catch fish, since they dive and swim to do it. Some cormorant species were recorded at dephts close to 40 meters!! And after all the diving, the assume a very typical position, that also allows us to identify them pretty easily:


They stand with open wings, allowing the sun to help and dry their feathers. True, they're not the only species to do it, but if you see a black bird, near water, spreading its wings, chances are that is a cormorant!


They're not that shy, so even if you're in a city, just as long as there's water... they are probably around.

These photos were taken in Italy and Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka we can also find the great cormorant, but I managed to see other species too!


Little cormorant - Microcarbo niger

I wonder when will I be able to travel again, and see different species; or even known species, I don't mind! Just as long as I can travel, and birdwatch!


Stay safe everyone!


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