Ant On The Flower

2년 전

Ants move fast, and I was lucky to take a shot of this one while feeding on a flower. Ants being so elegant fit well with flowers in closeup pictures. There are many different types of ants in my area, and they all like to hang around flowers, this is just one of them.
Have a wonderful day, my dear friends!





Nikon D3400


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Hi Dear
My name is : Kitty Williamson , Please Follow me @kitty24
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very beautiful photography comrades. I'm so glad to see it. Friend please help me friend

This ant likes this taste, .... this sweet taste there :))


O yes, I agree! Thank you very much 😊


You are welcome :)

In 3rd picture, where this ant..?

Very beautiful flowers with the presence of ants become more interesting to see, maybe the ant was looking for a daily meal, beautiful ants, hope you can share about other ants in your place @pepe.maya😊


Thank you for your comment, I hope I will be able to get a different type of ant next time :)

This looks beautiful photography. Ant with flower is not often found in picture.


Thank you for your comment!

Great photography my dear friend


Thank you for a lovely comment!

very nice flower


Thank you!!

What's a ruch little fellow ? ;) Nice shot my dear ;)