Landscape Photography: natural beauty of Gozo cliffs

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Hi there my Steemian friends and followers!

Some six years ago, I set out on one of my first nomadic adventures after I left my Czech homeland and relocated to Malta. With a population of just some 475,000 people and a total area of only 316 sq km (122 sq mi), Malta is the tenth smallest country in the world.

The Maltese Archipelago is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and therefore boasts subtropical climate with hot summers, mild winters and a lot of sun shine all year round.

Only 3 islands of the archipelago are inhabited: the main island of Malta and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino. We based ourselves on Gozo, a small island that is home to just some 40,000 people (who refer to themselves as Gozitans, not Maltese) and beautiful nature. Gozo is particularly famous for scenic landscapes consisting of green hills and majestic limestone cliffs.

I have already showed you some of the natural beauty of the island in this post and today, I am going to take you on a little tour around the Gozo coastline.

Here is a little photo sample of the beauty of the renowned Gozo cliffs.








I hope you enjoyed this special photo collection dedicated to the cliffs of the Gozo Island. Unfortunately, I only had a crappy old cell phone camera back then so the photos are of poor quality but I think you can still have an idea of what the coastline of the island looks like ;)

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Beautiful view

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Thanks man. Glad you liked those shots.

I ten nejhorší foťák dokáže udělat krásné snímky, pokud ho drží šikovné ruce :-)


No pamatuju na "foťáky" prvních mobilů, ze kterých by nic hezkého nedostali ani fotografové od National Geographic :D Tohle naštěstí zas taková hrůza nebyla, takže jsou ty fotky aspoň rozpoznatelné :)


Jestli to nebude tím, že mobily byly určeny k telefonování :-).

It doesn't matter that you don't have a professional camera .... the pictures reflect the atmosphere of the place. Upvote.


Thanks :) I still use just a cell phone camera but it´s much better than the one I had in Malta back then...


I have a Nikon d700, a bit big and weighs a lot but takes very good quality photos.
You didn't think about buying a semi-professional camera? This is not a big cost.


Oh yeah, I was thinking about that some time ago... But I decided to get a cell phone with a decent camera instead. It´s been one year now and I am very happy about the choice (I have a Xiaomi). Sure, the photos, will never be as good as yours with your pro camera but for my use, they are ok. I have even managed to build a porfolio with some 1,200 photos on ShutterStock :)

So you are a pro photographer? There is quite a lot of them here on the Steem blokchain, there are many opportunities (photo contests etc.) for them to showcase their skills. I think you will be doing fine here.


I understand you. If you will need in future help in choosing a professional camera, I will help you with information.

I take photos for many years. I started with the tiny Nikon D40. Some photos from that camera are also good, but many have drawbacks.

You write that there are various possibilities for traveler photographers. Can you recommend any competitions and other events? I am a beginner user Steem and I am still learning. I will be grateful for the information.



Thanks for your offer :) It´s very kind of you. As for the photo contests, there are may people who host them. @czechglobalhosts organizes photo contests for travelers every day, @worldcapture hosts people photography contest every week, @derangedvisions, @axeman and @kus-knee host various variously themed photo contests, @shaka hosts creative collage contests... I also organize photo contests sometimes :) Good luck!

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for @phortun

Hey @phortun, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!