Photocurate Update - Including some photography tribe news

6개월 전

Hey everyone. There's been some recent news that I want to let you all know about, and it will give me an opportunity to update what's been going on.

What's been going on?

Not a lot. Haha! Seriously, I have been waiting for a pick up in the steem price so as to draw in more content creators to the blockchain. That pick up doesn't seem to be happening just yet. So for the moment the project is in a holding pattern until I see the need for it increasing. As is often the case with me I randomly start new projects that distract from ongoing projects. I've still got @steemtaskr going, and I've just started creating an 'idle click' game that hopefully will tie in with a steem-engine token and burning of steem (to contribute in a small way to the scarcity of steem = upward price pressure). So that's been occupying my programming time, instead of finishing the automation of the photocurate project. But as I mentioned in the pre-introduction post, I'm probably at about 80% of the code written for photocurate. So it can be brought to birth reasonably promptly if I need.

What's this news you mentioned?

Some of you may have already heard, but there is a new photography tribe available - PhotoStreem. I had some early contact with the creators of the project and agreed to give them the PHOTO token for their project. This was in exchange for some founder's tokens and miners. While I loved the token for my project (perfect name, right?), I figured that it really is the perfect token name for a photography tribe. So the token is now officially the PhotoStreem tribe's token. Those of you who got airdropped some via @photocurate, are now owners of tokens in PhotoStreem. You can stake those tokens and start earning curation rewards for any post using the #photography tag. There's also a miner token - PHOTOM, which is selling like hotcakes at the moment, so if you want some you had better be quick.

What about photocurate? Well, I will be creating a new token (haven't decided on a name yet - feel free to suggest one in comments below) that will serve the same function that PHOTO served. I will probably wait till release of the photocurate project gets closer before I settle on the token name.

Well that's all the news from me. I encourage you to all get behind the PhotoStreem community and help curate some good photography there. Hopefully I'll see you there or in the PhotoStreem discord!

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