My PhotoVisions - My 'icy worlds' continues

7개월 전

Hi there Friends!

I went back lately to my favorite winter sessions from last year to pick some more shots to process and maybe put on sale on stocks... and I simply wanted to "be" there one more time.

I was posting a lot from these days last Year, making big galleries and full description.

I don't want to repeat myself, hope You understand, I will just put a little bit of introduction below for those of You who don't know the background of these shots.


Lake Joansvatnet is a place where I am shooting very often, it is very close to my place. Last year I met amazing conditions there, first, it was freezing cold so part of the lake froze already... after few days some really strong winter storms came, wind was blowing hard 2 days directly from the lake direction. I was at home those days - it was my failure, becouse I could go there just to see how big that waves was... waves which brake all the ice and moved it to the small part of the shore. Most of the ice was gathered in only one bay, on its shores, on the shallow waters and surrounding.
Piles of ice on the shore was 2 meters high. the rest of the ice gathered on shallow waters, froze already, as after the storms, another frost came.

Such scenario generates these amazing forms, revealing the crystal clear ice and allt eh stuff inside it.

Lake Jonsvatnet is a drinking water supply for Trondheim, so the waters there are really pure and transparent - so the ice was the same.



Not only panoramic shots of the surface were great. Most of the time I spent crouching on the ice, looking for macro motives of air bobbles trapped in ice.



Some more shots of this winter wonderland... just enjoy, hope You are :).






I think I was quite lucky to be there that days.

After 2 days, and 2 nice sunsets, some snow falls came and cover all these amazing details.

Thanks for watching!! Hope You enjoyed the views.

Greetings from the north and UNTIL NEXT ONE!



Any photo available as Digital Files. Join my Discord channel for details:
If You like my work, check my portfolio site asphotovisions
Prints, frames, all kind of photo products available on my site! All the support will help me to run this blog and chase my dreams :).

Thanks for watching and have a great day!

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Those are awesome! Resteemed

You have managed some amazing shots again! But remind me.. are you already back in Poland? I remember that you mentioned that you had to move back but you were going to spend some time in Norway too, right?

My absolute favorite from this series would be the third one. It's the exact shape of the ice and the sun in the back of the photo that make the whole scene look magical.

Your photos are always stunning! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on yet another curie vote! Cheers to many more to come!


Thank You for such great comment.
I am still in Norway, will be working here little longer than I planned... life is brutal and very expensive so every extra $ will be needed in future. We will probably back to Poland end of this or next year... time will show :).

Third photo is nice, I like it too... ice-sharks are swimming in the lake ;)...

I see amazing interest on this small gallery so I am planning to make one more with the shots I am working on now. Hope You will like them too.

Have a good day Friend!


I know from my own experience that earning in Norway and spending in Poland makes life way much nicer :) but the road trip can be a nightmare


True, but the problem is, when I move to Poland I won't be earning in Norway any more ;)... I will try to do some photographic work then and I hope some international workshops from time to time...

Whoa! So much depth is there. Those photos are full of life and testimony to the fact that nature's art is everywhere. I feel rejuvenated just by looking at them.

Glad you shared, man. Thank you :)


Thanks!! My pleasure to read such good opinions. Nature is a great artist and sometimes we are lucky enough to see some of the creations...

Damn, it be a Winteric Wonderland where yah be right then and there. I must congratulate yah for capturing such clean fotos (photos) and releasing them graciously to the internet. To that I must say cheers to that so we can see other parts of the World. Equally so, with sharpness of the fotos (photos), I can see (as yah did point out) how clear and transparent those ice blocks are. Those locals very much played it safe with these icy stones, hard to drink nature’s water so clean without pollution being there somewhere.

Unto the textual parts, I love the brevity of these statements and that they conform underneath the fotos (photos) instead of jutting/sticking out the side of the fotos (photos). Equally so, I like the details to history; makes me think I’ve learned a whole lot more on the internet than in school. And yer adding to that mountain pile of evidence for the digitization and revamping of all schools around the World. I at least know more regions where they don’t have to worry about water purification and environmental pollution!~ ^^

So keep on travelling, keep on shooting fotos (photos) and happy steeming!


Thank You for such interesting and nice comment! I am really happy those shots got such a great support and responce from the Steem community because they are close to my heart and will stay in my memories lifetime.

I hop You will stay tuned to my PhotoVisions because I decided to post one more gallery with icy views today or tomorrow.

Thanks once more and have a nice day @theironfelix !


Welcome for the comment!~ ^^
Thanks for sharing yer experiences and will definitely stay tuned-in for that post~

wow... such a great and unique landscape there,... may i ask what camera and lens did you use to capture that magnificent photographs??


Hi @jumps, for the presented shots I used Canon 6D camera, landscape shots were made with Canon 16-35mm f4.0 lens and macro close ups with Canon 24-105mm with small macro ring.

Thanks for the comment, I shall post some more of icy shots soon :)

Your photos are awesome, nature's beauty is gloriously shining through them, and they inspire me to become a better photographer. Thank you for sharing your art!

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My pleasure! Thank You for the comment, more shots will show up soon :).

Great timing and luck that the extraordinary weather conditions created a photographers paradise. It is amazing to hear the waves broke up the ice and created banks of ice and must have seen a little unreal. I am glad you managed to capture them and share with us as this is just so unique.


Thanks, I had luck to be there in the right time. Never before and never after seen such things there. Happy You liked it! Thanks for comment and if You are interested, there is one more post from that day on my bolg, feel free to check it also :).


Thank you. Going to have a look right now.

I knew ice can be very interesting to photograph but I've never seen such fantastic ice photos and have never had the occasion to photograph ice. What a lovely series, congratulations! The colors, the texture, all is excellent!


Nice You liked it and wrote this comment! Thanks a lot! I posted one more gallery 2 days ago so feel free to check it too! Many people liked this kind of shots and the subject so I will work little more to show some stuff I didn't posted yet.
Have a good day!


Thanks :D !!!

I thought I was the king of the north but like most say "I know nothing." You being there makes you the real King. I have 10 minutes watching at those pics and I really can't stop. I'm a big find of ice and winter though I've never experienced that season of the year (live in a tropical country) heck I even googled "Lake Joansvatnet" but the searcher didn't find any results, still, i know Trondheim is in Norway so I send you a big SKOL from Venezuela. Cheers dude!


Hei!! King is too much for sure, little prince maybe hahaaa ;) but Thanks a lot for that! Winter is next to autumn, most beautiful time in Scandinavia, sometimes extreme, some other times mild, but always beautiful.
Strange You didn't found the lake in google maps, it is close to Trondheim, Little south from Ranheim, big lake. (,+Trondheim/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x466d2528d2a97ad3:0x23e599d10b7d1c73?ved=2ahUKEwjw9fys_87gAhXG-yoKHVeQBk4Q8gEwD3oECAMQCA )

Stay tuned if You like winter scenery - I will post one more gallery from that days.

Beautiful! I adore your photos! That colors and shapes, beautiful. :)


I am happy to read this! Stay tuned, more to go! Have a nice day!

Nature is so beautiful and a great capture buddy, it looks like someone painted it to perfection

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The only artist here was the nature, I was only holding the camera :D. Thanks!

Amazing photographs! The colours and definition and framing are absolutely spectacular ! Gorgeous set <3 Took my breath away * ___ *


Wow, thanks for such nice comment @veryspider ! Hope You will like my next post too, more icy worlds coming ;) ....

What great shots👍👏

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I do not see any repetition in these photos and could look at many more. They are great for stock and I think would be good in large size and hanging.

You have such a good way with low light. I looked at some of your older posts too. This is so hard to catch with the illusive subjects you see.

I live in Southern California and we do not get much ice here. But sometimes I do see pretty air captured in ice cubes in the right light and get lost in it. You were lucky to see and capture this on such a large scale.


Hi @bxlphabet , thank You for comment. I also think it would look great as a prints - but the problem is, some of them have sharpness issues. Most of the shots I had to shoot from hand - the ice was extremely slippy and I haven't got any spikes for my tripod, it was useless there. Because of the light conditions I had to shoot with higher ISO and longer time exposures - this was the results of lost details and sharpness in many shots.

They look good as small ones but for Stock purposes, they need big files and they check it in 100% magnification... so I am sure, they won't pass the qality check. I will choose few the best ones and try anyway.

I just posted next part of the gallery if You are interested, feel free to check that one too :).

Have a good Friday!

Your icy work is great. But I waiting for the spring 😁

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Thanks @faltermann :) spring time is nice, but what to shoot then... spring flowers? ;) I love the air and the sun which finally gives little more heat than in winter time...


I can understand that. As a landscape photographer, you have different preferences. I find your pictures superb 👍

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It is true, sometimes it is a curse ;) thanks for the compliment!

Wonderful photo, thanks for sharing it! 📷👍

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You welcome, I am glad You like it! Thanks!

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Thanks a lot!!

The most favorite posts, obviously beside Daily Logs about passive incomes from the stock photography and other photo-activities, are the ones with the galleries with many photos. Like this one. Looking at the number of upvotes, curators and community thinks the same :)


Great to hear as always from You @cubapl ! More will be posted during time, I won't give up on steem :)

Great icy world you have there, and I love you vision for what you do. You really got me stalk on your blog over and over again.
I really enjoyed your article and I wait to read more from you soon

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Nice to hear You watched my blog and older posts, good to know some of You like my work :) it is great positive energy to create more stuff :D. Have a good Sunday!


Happy Sunday to you too. Keep up to the very things you do

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That sure is a wonderland! It is a whole different world of its own, and is amazing how you captured the beauty of that icy goodness. Really incredible...

I really could sit back and look at these photos all day, but well, life wouldn't let me. Lol! There are so much beauty and magic in it. It is nature at its best.

Those macro shots, they are interesting. Love that I can see those intricate details that always seem to hide from our "naked" eyes.

Your photos are stunning!


So much thanks for the great comment! I posted more shots on my blog 2 days ago from that day, so feel free to watch it. The conditions were preety amazing and I knew that day I have to shoot as much frames as possible. 2 days later everything was covered by snow...


Now, I have to go see those amazing photos!!

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Those colors are just amazing!!


Thanks @asgarth ! The colours of this ice were just unreal.

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Nice! Thanks for the support!

What great shots👍👏

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Fantastic support @curie ! Big hugs for that! ;)

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Absolutely amazing images.
The 3rd one was my favorite. That fin-like piece of ice was just perfectly aligned to the overall background.
How was that one done?
Ice has that dual quality of scarying and attracting at the same time. Your images capture that ambiguous nature.