Dusty American Beauty for #mondayred



Diese staubige amerikanische Schönheit habe ich vor zwei Jahren in Frankreich in einer Scheune gesehen.

Ich denke das Schätzchen passt ganz gut bei #mondayred, auch wenn das Rot unter dem Staub nicht mehr so ganz zur Geltung kommt.

Ich wünsche Euch allen einen schönen Abend und noch eine tolle Woche,

Bleibt gesund!

Euer Patrick


I saw this dusty American beauty two years ago in France in a barn.

I think the sweetheart fits quite well with #mondayred, even though the red under the dust doesn't really show to advantage anymore.

I wish you all a nice evening and another great week,

Stay healthy!



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I would so give that Mustang a nice new home :)


And so would I, Steve! 😉

Oh, what a beauty this was in its day, yes? I cannot believe that it is hidden away in a barn and not out running the roads.

Hi, Patrick! Oh, my!! It has been so long since I have seen you floating around. I must not get over to Luxembourg enough! ;) I hope all is well with you and yours! I am sure it is a busy time of year, as Christmas just got over.

Take care of yourself!



Thank you so very much, Denise!
No worries about me, I'm doing fine and so does the rest of the family. I'm just a bit lazy these times and, as you say, busy. But I'll try to do better now... 😊

Have a great time, my dear friend!



That is so great to hear, Patrick. We all get busy, so understandable. Just checking in to see how you were!

  ·  작년

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Beautiful car 🚗 😱


Thank you so very much! 😊

I would know well how to deal with this beautiful machine

Greetings my friend from very cold Poland :)


Thank you so very much, Greg!
Greetings back from frozen Luxembourg 😉

Hello, my dear friend

I am so glad to read your articles. Unfortunately, I am very busy. We are trying to settle down and have just started our new hobby ;) However, we do not stop thinking about new trips but for now, we just postpone just for a little bit ;)

Big hug and take care

A car that even on the picture can hear as its soul plays. A great machine, oh, let me go a long way :)


Thank you Meg! I wish you guys all the luck for your plans! 😃

hello my dear signore friend Pipu ! What a wonderful red car !
J'espère que tout va bien de ton coté et la petite famille aussi =)) Bises de nous tous !

  ·  작년

@pipurilla bass de nit mei aktiv ;) ?

wow, wolltest du ihn. nicht mit nach Hause nehmen ?


Doch, den hätte ich gerne adoptiert.... leider stand er aber nicht zum Verkauf. 😊