Mumbai The City Of Dreams..


Mumbai is Mayanagri or the 'City of Dreams' not just for the people of India, but for all the billion strong country's borders.

Photo-0033.jpg Gateway of India.

Thousands of people came to Mumbai every day to full fill the dreams .

Mumbai is economic hub of India.
It has a headquarters of Bombay Stock Exchange, Reserve Bank of India,National Stock Exchange,
And Indian Business giants such as Tata Group, Aditya Birla Group, Reliance Industries.
Photo 0044.jpg

Bollywood, India's largest and one of the world's largest film industry lacated in Mumbai.


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यह सच है कि मुम्बई को मायानगरी भी कहते है. यहां पर आकर कितने ही लोगों के ख्वाब सच हुए है. इसलिए इसे ख्वाबों का शहर भी कहते है.


Yes it's true City of Dreams.