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Santiago barnabyu and the new camp. Two stage two star favorite. Dear ground was illuminated, sometimes or never lose the color. A shining road and the other lives in fecklessness. This season, at least it appeared so. At least Saturday night was an exception. Gruher the best night, two angry footballer. Crichchiano bernabyute Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the new camp. Football world saw @petitefeetrun of dazzling football. Your light shine in the night of records has turned the page on a spit, Ronaldo and Messi.

La ligay, Real Madrid scored 300 has touched the milestone CR 7. Alaveser has the opportunity and unselfish hattricker identity against the current bishwasera footballer. In its alaveske 0-4 Panthers won five consecutive matches in all competitions missing Zinedine Zidane.

And Messi and the instrument two records. The Spanish League is scored in 36 different Club with fellow with a record like this to the Argentine goal. In the Catalan Derby, scored 1-6 in the zirona barsa.

Bernabyute record wear a Garland of Ronaldo. Two and a half hours in the match starting against Messi and zirona history page attached his own name. The record of seven debates are CR According to Real Madrid, Lionel Messi's tournament less than 300 la ligay goal Ronaldo. But official estimates, a low scoring; 299. According to the survey, Spain's top League, the Rial in tournament scoring 285 300 CR 7. Messi's goal to reach a milestone like 300 326 matches. In other words, Messi scored the fastest 300 outperform now Portuguese star.

Ronaldo scored the goals against alaveser in 2011 the number of debates. Ronaldo's free-kick against the back of his brother Pepe of the time goes in the net. Real still goal for Ronaldo. However, the official PAP it says. The official decision to believe and Messi's tournament, scored less than the 300 that seven CR quite sure.

Milestone matches Ronaldo scored with the breeding of more discussion Karim benzemake. Naturally, they took all of the real Ronaldo. That was before he hattricker. But the goal for a long time not being able to give the opportunity to kick benzemake Karim spot Ronaldo. Hattrick is not. Ronaldo praised coach given the identity of the unselfish, Zidane, "benzemar I crischianoke for excellent tips to very happy. It shows, for a dedicated player. Benzemar a round power were required, because he played well the whole match. "Rival coach green galichay light kedrechen. Beyond Messi to go down. He added that he scored against zirona. Has a victory this year in the five assisto footballer. Free-kick to him in one word, amazing goal. For the first time in the match against La zirona coming play ligay two records like these. The Club scored 36 against the La ligay different traces of Barcelona like a superstar. In addition to the Spanish top League three club teams has scored against Argentine confrontation. Three clubs in the second row, third row real morsia codis and the fourth row League herres.
And Spain's top League has a total of 148 with fellow goal Messi; What is the highest in the history of the Spanish League. At the same time, new camp 130 matches like this is what the Argentine goal.

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