Welcome To Los Angeles, California!

3년 전


Good afternoon Steemians! As many of you know, I have officially landed in Los Angeles and am currently soaking up the sun on Manhattan Beach! Coming from the colder weather, the sunny, 75 degree weather feels like paradise. As you can see in the picture above, there are plenty of surfers out in their wetsuits! The water is actually pretty cold, but if I were a diehard surfer I would probably be out there as well!


I am with a friend who has brought along all new camera equipment so stay tuned for some great photography! So far I have captured some great shots of this beautiful day. Right after we checked into our AirBnB, we immediately went for a long run on the beach getting our workout in for the day!


Manhattan Beach is such an awesome part of the city which features great restaurants and unique shops. As I am sitting down for lunch now, I just cannot wait to get back to the beach! Please tune back as there is so much more to come!

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Wow Manhattan Beach looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to your other posts about Cali!


Yes it is an awesome place of California to see! I cannot wait to see what else is in store here!

Nice pictures. Are there waves coming soon for all those surfers waiting? Can't wait to see more of your adventures in CA!


Ya there were some huge waves! The changing temperatures and coldness of the water calls for bigger waves!

Great to hear! It's always nice to take a vacation, hope to see more of your vacation and the food you'll eat.


Thank you @koldy! Plenty of food to come!

Welcome to your new adventure, today I wrote you in your last post, since I was waiting to hear from you, This for me is a scoop since we always see photographs is through magazines or television, so I am delighted to see the first-hand photos of a friend, beautiful images, enjoy and do not forget to share your work and tourism experiences, greetings @ purefood


Thank you for all of your support, it is your excitement that makes this so much more fun! You would not believe how much fun stuff there is here! I am shortly going to post about the nightlife!

My friend I see that you are very well and very happy, finally in Cali, I was attentive I wanted to know about you, I love the photos, the weather is wonderful, at last I see your photo my friend.


I am having so much fun! There is so much to do and many great people here! I cannot wait to share more! Last night had a lot of excitement as well, I visited the Hollywood Strip and saw many great places!

In L.A. is always summer, I think. Your images look so sunny and warm... Last week it had -15 degrees celsius in Germany...


Wow that's cold! I have to make it a plan to make it out to warm weather and sun every once in a while, it's good for the soul!

You picked a great day to be in Southern Cal! Great picture of the surfers... waiting.


Thank you so much @armentor! Cannot wait to share!

Woowww.. Amazing.!!
Nice post @purefood


Thanks @ikmar! Appreciate the support!

Los Angeles is a beautiful place. It's my favorite in the whole world. I hope you enjoy the place too.


I’ve never been. Definitely in my plans!


I agree! I enjoyed it so much, I will be back soon!

What a great photos! I missed the summer. Thank you for the post.


You're welcome!

wow excellent city.



Hello my friends how are you doing on your trip? beautiful beach I hope you enjoy it a lot and I am happy to see a picture of you go very well with the exercise


I am doing very well thank you! I am just coming to an end with it so I am preparing for my departure! Thank you so much for the support!

wao its a beautyfull place of california


It was so beautiful!