One Fine Sunday

9개월 전

I've been busy with work it's burnt me out. All I do is waking up and getting lost in a pile of tasks, meetings and countless hours of overtime work. I feel so exhausted and sad because my boyfriend has been visiting me since early December and will leave on new year's but we didn't spend that much time together.

December 29 was the last weekend in 2019. Also the last weekend we could spend together. I thought it was gonna suck because It's rainy season here in Jakarta. The city has been covered with gloomy skies so many times. It's kinda boring sad and depressing. So I didn't expect anything.

"At least we could be together. At least you are here with me."
But hey... The universe was being so sweet that day. The weather was warm and the sky was bright. We went to the sky garden to watch the beautiful sunset. It was so beautiful that I felt like I wanted to freeze time and kept the sky covered with the orange color... like it was on fire. I wish I had such power so that we could enjoy that beautiful view so so so much longer. But time flew so freaking fast. The sun finally said goodbye. And there came the night skies with the moon and the stars.

Thanks to technology though, I could snap some pictures of the pretty sunset using my phone. This was taken by Xiaomi Mi 5s and was retouched using the Snapseed app. By the way, do you spot the moon and the star in this picture?

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